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None of us want their messages to be read by others. Especially if these messages decide the fate of the transaction and describe their existing business. Unfortunately, ordinary messengers do not encrypt text and do not have other means of protecting the information, so you need to look for workarounds.

Best Encrypted Messenger

A good way out of this situation is to download and install a secure messenger. A few years ago, they have provided only a couple of large companies, and now in the variety of such applications can be confused. We have tried to choose the best encrypted messenger that making your Internet life as easy as possible!


This program was called the most secure by Edward Snowden - an expert in the field of privacy. The application is designed for both Android and iOS. It uses an advanced end-to-end encryption Protocol so that no one can access your messages.

After installation, this utility starts using your address book. The application does not have separate logins, passwords, and PIN-codes, which greatly simplifies its use. A curious feature of the program is the ability to create encrypted groups - it allows communicating with all friends at once.


Created by the notorious Pavel Durov - founder of VK. The application can be downloaded and installed free of charge. The project is a non-profit, it is supported by Pavel himself and through donations from other users. The program allows creating group chats, which can be attended by up to 200 people!

All messages in Telegram are encrypted. The timer of their self-destruction increases safety to the highest level. The service uses an open Protocol. As for encryption, this process is entrusted to MTProto technology. Of course, all undetected messages are stored in data centers, but even this information is stored in encrypted form. Moreover, each cluster is encrypted with a separate key that resides in a different cluster under a different jurisdiction.

The use of servers helps users to access their correspondence from different devices - Telegram is available on Android, iOS and desktop Windows.


The program was created by six students of the Rochester Institute of Technology. The application encrypts outgoing messages and then transmits them to the recipient through the server Tense Private Systems. Before sending, the system blocks the message, allowing it to open only once - when it reaches its destination.

There is no universal decryption key. Eac user is unique. Thanks to this, Chadder is seriously different from many other similar programs. Besides, the messenger can automatically destroy messages whose existence has come to an end.

Wickr Me

It is regularly improved and updated. For encryption, the RSA4096TLD, AES256, and ECDH521 standards are used. Access to the users data will not be able to any attackers, or even too smart friends who have entered into correspondence with him. Messages are not stored on servers, which is also a plus for this application.

The received message appears in the notification bar, but you can read it only in the messenger by entering a password. To communicate, you will need to create an account, but it takes no more than two minutes. In total, approximately 4 million people made their choice in favor of the Wickr Me service.


This application will require you to make certain investments - about 5 dollars. Your money will go to support servers, without which the existence of the messenger would be impossible.

The program provides end-to-end encryption of all data. It means that not only messages are encrypted, but also group chats, statuses, and media files. Access to information from the outside is almost impossible. The decryption key is generated and stored on users' devices.

It should also be noted that to use Threema you do not need to enter a phone number or e-mail. It is enough to get a unique and completely random Threema ID. In short, you use the messenger anonymously!

Best Encrypted Messenger: Conclusion!

Personal data security is a serious topic that has recently become increasingly popular among the younger generation. Therefore, if you want to securely protect your correspondence, files and documents - use only proven the best encrypted messenger that guarantees your safety and security!

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