Digital Transformation: Online Guide to Digital Transformation

What is digital transformation? It is the organizational, cultural and operational change of a company, ecosystem or industry through an amalgamation of digital technologies, procedures and competencies of all functions and levels in a strategic way. 

Digital transformation, abbreviated as DT utilizes technologies to create new services and value for multiple stakeholders, invent and acquire abilities to adapt to altering circumstances. 

Digital transformation

Current world events delivered a repetitive and eye-opening message to the world of business that markets can turn upside down in a fraction of a second. 

While companies have to constantly adjust their business strategies with changing times, they also have to move forward with new ideas of serving people. 

Digital transformation – Its impact on the business context

The term ‘digital transformation’ is mainly used in the context of businesses and it also has an effect on other institutions like public sector companies, governments and organizations that are working in handling societal challenges like senior population and pollution by using one or many of the latest emerging technologies. 

In some nations like Japan, DT also sets its impact on various aspects like with the Society 5.0 initiative o the country. 

It is actually the havoc transformation of organizational and business activities, procedures, models and competencies to leverage the opportunities and changes of an integration of digital technologies and their impact. 

Common threads of digital transformation across industries

Although it is true that the roadmap of digital transformation looks a bit different in every company but there are certainly few common threads like.

  • Digital transformation or DT requires hectic planning, including buy-in from the executive team. Leaders who can plan a vision by keeping digital first and monitoring ROI, they are most likely to succeed. 
  • The new experiences are driven by personalization and they deal with underpinning successful digital transformation strategies. Each company has to decide on the best way of implementing customization for their unique circumstances. If you blindly follow a one-size-fits-all approach, you’re definitely going to fail. 
  • The experienced tailored to the individuals need consistent streams of including high quality content. Artificial intelligence and marketing automation can take off the pressure of content creators but this technology has to be employed strategically. It shouldn’t be used for empathy, human intelligence and creativity. 

Digital Transformation – How does it matter?

A business may choose to try digital transformation for more reasons than one. Nevertheless, till now, the most common reason has been the issue of survival. 

During this pandemic situation, the ability of a company to adapt to the disruptions of the supply chain, to market pressures and altering customer expectations has become even more crucial. 

The priorities of spending of consumers also speak of the reality. As per 2020 International Data Corporation (IDC), spending on DT of business products, practices and companies continue at a rapid pace in spite of the challenges that are brought in by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

IDC predicts that global expenditure on DT technologies will grow 11% in 2020 and reach $1.3 trillion. This can be compared to the 17% growth in 2019 but still it is considered as the brightest spots of 2020 due to the drastic reduction of tech expenditure. 

It is rather too early to understand which consumer behavior will stick through time. However experts say that on the perspective of the consumers, the dependency on digital technology has been accelerating in every single category.

One more vital factor to take note of is the degree to which forced change will revert back whenever possible. 3 out of 4 Americans tried the new shopping behavior. 

COVID-19 pandemic – How it altered digital transformation

We have seen this Coronavirus crisis reshape both the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of companies’ agendas of digital transformation. 

Currently, a large portion of remote workforce experiences a nice digital technology as now they entirely depend on this technology to get things done. This gets the problem-solving focus which was long awaited and deserved. 

Therefore, any digital experience platform and other services are crucial to the success of transformation projects. If you still haven’t started embracing digital transformation technology, this is high time you do so in order to avoid falling behind your competitors.
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Why Are People So Obsessed With Utopia P2P Ecosystem?


Recently, I have been sauntering through the town and noticed a strange graffiti on the pavement. As for the super curious person, I decided that it was my duty to find out what it was about.

Utopia P2P Ecosystem

I asked a couple of friends who said that they also saw such things in their cities but didn’t know what they meant. That only enhanced the intrigue. 

So I googled it and found out the information and was pretty astonished at what a cool thing it is. I have been using it for a month, and now, I’m sharing my knowledge of it.

What the heck is Utopia P2P Ecosystem?

Utopia P2P Ecosystem is a decentralized peer-to-peer network created with one noble aim - to give people control over their own data, to provide privacy on the Net and complete security.

Why ecosystem? Utopia offers a single software that includes all tools and services which people need every day: an instant messenger, email, file transfer, e-wallet (with own cryptocurrency Crypton), and a browser to surf the web-resources inside the ecosystem.

As a person, who had had to use services like GuerillaMail to send confidential info, Utopia seemed a real the one and only needed service - it’s so convenient and saves tons of time.

But what is really impressive is not handiness but a level of security and anonymity it promises.

First, it is a decentralized P2P ecosystem - new wave (or not so new, if to give thought to the matter) in security concept. That means that all the data sent and received go directly between peers-users. Such a concept sidesteps the idea of the presence of central servers where the data is usually stored. That means that each user’s data is secure as no third parties have access to it.

Second, all the messages, emails, and traffic are encrypted. Here are used the advanced encryption techniques - 256 bit AES and Elliptic Curve Cryptography. With it, I’m sure that all my information that I shared won’t be intercepted and viewed by some other people.

Third, even the registration on it is anonymous. I used fake name and surname, and that’s all, the account was created, personal key for local data storage was generated. I stay calm, my stuff stays secure. That’s all that I have been looking for.

It is worth mentioning that the ecosystem is available for everybody for free, which is a huge plus for me.

So why are people so obsessed with Utopia?

I can understand those people who said that Utopia becomes their shelter. It is a really convenient platform which is saving you the trouble of having to use a dozen different services and some turning on some security software. And what is vital, it offers a nice security level.

Moreover, its interface is so simple, even grandmas will catch on how to use it.
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Best Encrypted Messenger! Under The Umbrella Of Protection!

None of us want their messages to be read by others. Especially if these messages decide the fate of the transaction and describe their existing business. Unfortunately, ordinary messengers do not encrypt text and do not have other means of protecting the information, so you need to look for workarounds.

Best Encrypted Messenger

A good way out of this situation is to download and install a secure messenger. A few years ago, they have provided only a couple of large companies, and now in the variety of such applications can be confused. We have tried to choose the best encrypted messenger that making your Internet life as easy as possible!


This program was called the most secure by Edward Snowden - an expert in the field of privacy. The application is designed for both Android and iOS. It uses an advanced end-to-end encryption Protocol so that no one can access your messages.

After installation, this utility starts using your address book. The application does not have separate logins, passwords, and PIN-codes, which greatly simplifies its use. A curious feature of the program is the ability to create encrypted groups - it allows communicating with all friends at once.


Created by the notorious Pavel Durov - founder of VK. The application can be downloaded and installed free of charge. The project is a non-profit, it is supported by Pavel himself and through donations from other users. The program allows creating group chats, which can be attended by up to 200 people!

All messages in Telegram are encrypted. The timer of their self-destruction increases safety to the highest level. The service uses an open Protocol. As for encryption, this process is entrusted to MTProto technology. Of course, all undetected messages are stored in data centers, but even this information is stored in encrypted form. Moreover, each cluster is encrypted with a separate key that resides in a different cluster under a different jurisdiction.

The use of servers helps users to access their correspondence from different devices - Telegram is available on Android, iOS and desktop Windows.


The program was created by six students of the Rochester Institute of Technology. The application encrypts outgoing messages and then transmits them to the recipient through the server Tense Private Systems. Before sending, the system blocks the message, allowing it to open only once - when it reaches its destination.

There is no universal decryption key. Eac user is unique. Thanks to this, Chadder is seriously different from many other similar programs. Besides, the messenger can automatically destroy messages whose existence has come to an end.

Wickr Me

It is regularly improved and updated. For encryption, the RSA4096TLD, AES256, and ECDH521 standards are used. Access to the users data will not be able to any attackers, or even too smart friends who have entered into correspondence with him. Messages are not stored on servers, which is also a plus for this application.

The received message appears in the notification bar, but you can read it only in the messenger by entering a password. To communicate, you will need to create an account, but it takes no more than two minutes. In total, approximately 4 million people made their choice in favor of the Wickr Me service.


This application will require you to make certain investments - about 5 dollars. Your money will go to support servers, without which the existence of the messenger would be impossible.

The program provides end-to-end encryption of all data. It means that not only messages are encrypted, but also group chats, statuses, and media files. Access to information from the outside is almost impossible. The decryption key is generated and stored on users' devices.

It should also be noted that to use Threema you do not need to enter a phone number or e-mail. It is enough to get a unique and completely random Threema ID. In short, you use the messenger anonymously!

Best Encrypted Messenger: Conclusion!

Personal data security is a serious topic that has recently become increasingly popular among the younger generation. Therefore, if you want to securely protect your correspondence, files and documents - use only proven the best encrypted messenger that guarantees your safety and security!
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Proven Social Media Monitoring Strategies and Utilizing Netbase

What is Social Media Monitoring?

Simply put, social media monitoring involves tracking conversations around your brand that are happening on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Done effectively, it entails much more than taking an informal pulse about what social media users might be saying about your brand.

Social Media Monitoring Strategies

There are proven tools and strategies that can be used to take a deep dive into the analytics behind monitoring social media conversations about a brand or company.

These metrics can help drive a company's digital marketing campaign and inform conversations and decisions about how well a brand is being received by its target audience as well as pitfalls to avoid.

There is plenty to be learned about general trends that are picking up steam in your relevant industry because this can help set the groundwork for your digital marketing campaign.

One of the ways that a monitoring tool can effectively collect and analyze this information is through the use of relevant hashtags on social media. This requires an upfront investment in getting to understand the footprint and vibe of the brand that the monitoring firm is representing.

What Lessons Can an Effective Social Media Monitoring Plan Bring to a Digital Marketing Campaign?

One of the instant benefits of having an effective tool for monitoring social media conversations about your brand at work for you is that you will get an immediate glance into how your intended customers are talking about your brand.

This is sometimes referred to as sentiment analysis and involves figuring out what reactions customers are having to mentions of your brand through the identification and targeting of specific keywords. An efficient monitoring tool will have a proven approach for identifying which keywords are most important to track in connection with your brand.

However, these monitoring tools are even more effective in the long run because they help identify shortfalls in how your brand may be perceived and what types of trends are appealing to your brand's target audience.

For example, this type of monitoring can illuminate which influences that followers of your brand may follow on social media platforms. This will help you identify the most lucrative forms of brand relationships that you should consider pursuing to expand the reach of your brand and create profitable synergies.

Why Use Netbase for Your Social Media Marketing and Monitoring Needs?

It would be extremely inefficient to try to manually monitor social media conversations about your brand. This is especially true when you are trying to manually analyze multiple social media platforms.

Many brands make the mistake of thinking that they can manage the scope of social media monitoring without the assistance of a tool or digital marketing firm. This is a very short-term solution to a much larger problem of having to keep your finger on the pulse of customer sentiment and relations at all times.

Information is shared so quickly in the digital space. The failure to timely act on information received about the performance of a brand can be fatal to a brand's public image.

Netbase is known as a leader in the field of social media marketing because it is able to provide analysis in real time to its clients. This allows brands to react swiftly to social media concerns that merit addressing.

Netbase is valuable to brands of all sizes in that it delivers reliable Internet insights that allow a brand in any industry or of any size to reorient quickly in a crisis management situation. Its analytics have been proven time and time again as insightful and actionable for clients.
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How to Play Rummy Card Game - Rules & Guide

Playing cards and cash games have been a favourite pastime of a number of generations. From Solitaire to Snap them to Poker; they have not only been providing entertainment but have also been instrumental in improving logical and mathematical aptitude of the people. 

Play Rummy card game online

A number of questions based on playing cards are a part of the curriculum of permutations and combinations. 

Despite the presence of a number of popular card games like Texas Hold ‘em, Poker and Baccarat, Rummy has remained a hot favourite amongst all groups of people. Everyone from kids to youngsters to aged people enjoy playing a hand or two of rummy.

Most Popular Card Game – Rummy

At a time when people spend more time in their offices or commuting, games like Rummy which were earlier played at home have shifted to mobiles. A number of mobile apps are available for popular games like Solitaire, Poker, teen Patti and even rummy. 

Easy to understand rules, make rummy extremely popular to download and play. Many popular online gaming apps provide a chance to win big money while playing rummy regularly. Thanks to these apps, you can enjoy playing with a number of people anywhere, anytime. 

This may be the reason why rummy has emerged as one of the most popular card game, with a large number of online players and fan following.

Rummy Rules for Maximum Win

How to play Rummy, For rummy fans, nothing gives a thrill comparable to a win, except maybe winning big! Many online versions of the game are available that allow you to play for points which can be converted into money. 

Since rummy is a legal game in India, as per the Supreme Court of India, playing an online game gives you a chance to earn extra money. To maximize your chances of winning big, you need to familiarise yourself with rules:

  • The game is played between 2-6 players using 2 decks of cards (52 cards – 13 cards, 4 suits).
  • A random card from the deck is selected as the Joker. All cards of the same rank, different suits are considered jokers, apart from 2 joker cards.
  • 13 cards are dealt with every player from the deck. Post dealing, the top card is placed face visible while remaining cards remain closed.
  • You can pick a card from the open or closed deck and need to discard one card to the open deck. However, you cannot discard a card you picked from the discard pile.
  • The aim of the game is to make sequence (1 pure, i.e. without a joker; and 1 impure, with joker) and sets (3 or 4 cards of same face value but different suits; may utilize joker) from the 13 cards.
  • The points in the game are calculated on this basis:
  1. Face cards like J, Q, K have 10 points each.
  2. The ace card has 10 points.
  3. Joker and wild cards have 0 points.
  4. Remaining cards have a face value.
  • You cannot declare the game without making a pure sequence. Since point tally is kept, once you have made a pure sequence, try to discard high-value cards (J, Q, K, A) and use joker/wildcards in case you end up losing the game.
  • Always recheck before you press a button to declare your hand. An invalid declaration may make you lose a winning hand. Here are some cases which can make your declaration invalid:
  1. The absence of a pure sequence (3 or more cards, same suit, in sequential order, formed without using joker or wildcard).
  2. 1 set compulsory (maximum 4 cards, same value but different suits, with or without joker or wildcard).
  3. Presence of Invalid set (4 cards with same value + joker/wildcard; or, 3 cards of the same value but having a suit repeated).

Playing the game keeping these rules in mind ensures that you win.
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