How to Play Rummy Card Game - Rules & Guide

Playing cards and cash games have been a favourite pastime of a number of generations. From Solitaire to Snap them to Poker; they have not only been providing entertainment but have also been instrumental in improving logical and mathematical aptitude of the people. 

Play Rummy card game online

A number of questions based on playing cards are a part of the curriculum of permutations and combinations. 

Despite the presence of a number of popular card games like Texas Hold ‘em, Poker and Baccarat, Rummy has remained a hot favourite amongst all groups of people. Everyone from kids to youngsters to aged people enjoy playing a hand or two of rummy.

Most Popular Card Game – Rummy

At a time when people spend more time in their offices or commuting, games like Rummy which were earlier played at home have shifted to mobiles. A number of mobile apps are available for popular games like Solitaire, Poker, teen Patti and even rummy. 

Easy to understand rules, make rummy extremely popular to download and play. Many popular online gaming apps provide a chance to win big money while playing rummy regularly. Thanks to these apps, you can enjoy playing with a number of people anywhere, anytime. 

This may be the reason why rummy has emerged as one of the most popular card game, with a large number of online players and fan following.

Rummy Rules for Maximum Win

How to play Rummy, For rummy fans, nothing gives a thrill comparable to a win, except maybe winning big! Many online versions of the game are available that allow you to play for points which can be converted into money. 

Since rummy is a legal game in India, as per the Supreme Court of India, playing an online game gives you a chance to earn extra money. To maximize your chances of winning big, you need to familiarise yourself with rules:

  • The game is played between 2-6 players using 2 decks of cards (52 cards – 13 cards, 4 suits).
  • A random card from the deck is selected as the Joker. All cards of the same rank, different suits are considered jokers, apart from 2 joker cards.
  • 13 cards are dealt with every player from the deck. Post dealing, the top card is placed face visible while remaining cards remain closed.
  • You can pick a card from the open or closed deck and need to discard one card to the open deck. However, you cannot discard a card you picked from the discard pile.
  • The aim of the game is to make sequence (1 pure, i.e. without a joker; and 1 impure, with joker) and sets (3 or 4 cards of same face value but different suits; may utilize joker) from the 13 cards.
  • The points in the game are calculated on this basis:
  1. Face cards like J, Q, K have 10 points each.
  2. The ace card has 10 points.
  3. Joker and wild cards have 0 points.
  4. Remaining cards have a face value.
  • You cannot declare the game without making a pure sequence. Since point tally is kept, once you have made a pure sequence, try to discard high-value cards (J, Q, K, A) and use joker/wildcards in case you end up losing the game.
  • Always recheck before you press a button to declare your hand. An invalid declaration may make you lose a winning hand. Here are some cases which can make your declaration invalid:
  1. The absence of a pure sequence (3 or more cards, same suit, in sequential order, formed without using joker or wildcard).
  2. 1 set compulsory (maximum 4 cards, same value but different suits, with or without joker or wildcard).
  3. Presence of Invalid set (4 cards with same value + joker/wildcard; or, 3 cards of the same value but having a suit repeated).

Playing the game keeping these rules in mind ensures that you win.
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Why Is Copper Used In Printed Circuit Boards?

A printed circuit board, commonly known as a PCB, is created with either one layer or multiple layers and includes the substrate, traces, solder mask and silkscreen. On printed circuit boards, you will find copper elements, which are called traces, and these will carry the electrical signals to the various components located across the PCB.

Copper Used In PCB

If there were none of these traces in place, then the printed circuit board would not work and so these are absolutely critical when it comes to the design of your board. No working printed circuit boards means that any electrical item that has to transfer data would not work.

To make these traces, copper is the most popular material of choice within this industry. But why is this the case? Here, we are taking you through why copper is the preferred choice of material to be used in printed circuit boards.

The Benefits of Using Copper

Copper - Chemical element

The main reason why copper is the most used material when it comes to making printed circuit boards is that it is highly conductive. When a material is highly conductive, this means that it will be able to transmit signals but will not lose its electricity as it moves along.

This also means that manufacturers can keep costs low as they do not need a lot of copper to make the printed circuit boards, they only need a small amount to ensure that it is in good working order.

The most common configuration for a printed circuit board is using an ounce of copper which can then be transformed into 35 micrometres which is around 1.4 thousandths of an inch thick.  This can cover a whole square foot of the PCB substrate.

Another reason why copper is the preferred material for printed circuit boards is that it is readily inexpensive for these companies to buy, plus it is always readily available, so you do not need to worry about your supply chain for making these printed circuit boards.

Why Does The Copper Weight And Thickness Matter? 

With the design of a printed circuit board, the copper thickness is incredibly important. The thickness and the width are what determine the amount of current that the circuit can carry and the PCB copper thickness guidelines are used in impedance calculations of high speed and RF circuity.

The weight of the copper is also evenly spread out across one square foot. The PCB fabricator will the plate up the base weight to the final weight specified by the customer.

The base copper weight is also important as it will provide the achievable trace and space width dimensions which affect the density of features and the recommended minimum widths of the annular rings.

As you can see, there are lots of great benefits to using copper in PCB boards and this is why they are the preferred choice with this design.
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Top Mobile App Development Trends for 2018-2019

Mobile app development has come a long way in recent years. A wide variety of cutting edge technology trends have changed the way that we build and use mobile apps.

From new hardware devices like the iPhone Xs and Samsung’s Galaxy S10, to robust software updates like iOS 12, Mobile App Developers have had their hands full.

Mobile App Development Trends

If your business has its own mobile app, or is planning on releasing a mobile app in the coming year, you better be utilizing the full capabilities of today’s devices if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck.

For businesses, mobile apps are a great way to optimize processes, increase profits, manage operations, and sell products. The potential is endless when it comes to improving the way a business works with solid mobile app development. One of the keys to successful mobile app development for your business is to ensure that the user experience and interface are good.

Choosing a technology stack can seem like a daunting task for the less tech-oriented business teams, but a good development agency should be able to point you in the right direction for your needs. Strong engineering and a Good Product Road Map will help you get a great mobile app off the ground quickly.

Most firms use some variation of an agile software development process. This means that you can get your product to market faster than ever before. This helps with getting real user feedback faster, and iterating for later versions of your app.

The software development agency you work with should be able to handle the big picture in terms of steering your product road map, but it doesn’t hurt for your business to have an idea of what key features they want to be included in the app before starting the project.

Below is a list of some of the trends you will see in mobile apps for the upcoming year that should be considered when creating a plan for your mobile app.

1. Android Instant Apps

Recently, Android Instant Apps were introduced, offering a new way for companies to get their apps in the hands of users. Instant Apps allow users to use a demo version of the app without having to actually install it.

This method of releasing a mobile app works for all types of apps including games. Instant apps are great because they mean that users don’t have to install the app on their phone and store it locally.

The business opportunities with Android Instant Apps are potentially endless because they allow you to get more exposure and give a wider range of customers a first impression about your app or business.

2. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are taking the mobile app development space by storm. These apps are expected to continue to grow in popularity in the coming years due to the convenience for the user. Progressive Web Apps perform almost exactly like complete mobile apps do without having to be actually installed on the device.

Progressive Web Apps

Instead, progressive web apps are stored on the home screen and accessed from a browser. Another added benefit of progressive web apps is that they can be used by low spec smart phones on low-bandwidth networks.

For businesses looking to create a mobile app that can be used by the widest range of consumers possible, a progressive web app might be something to look into.

3. IoT Apps

IoT devices are changing the way that many businesses choose to develop their apps. The increase in popularity of devices powered by virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa has opened up opportunities for software developers and businesses to improve app usability.

Integrating with these types of devices can change the way that users interact with your app dramatically. A good software engineering team will be able to tell you about all the ways these types of integrations can improve the usability of your mobile app.

4. Augmented Reality (AR)

Users have become fascinated with Augmented Reality largely since the release of games like Pokemon Go. Other notable uses of AR have been Snapchat and Instagram, which allow users to use unique filters that transform their faces into digitized characters.

Augmented Reality

But Augmented Reality isn’t just fun and games, AR has also given online retailers a new way to let their customers view, interact, and shop for their products. Virtual environments to interact with your brand can increase engagement.

The usage of both virtual and augmented reality is predicted to rise in 2019, especially with the increase of tech wearables.

There are many different routes your business can go when it comes to developing a successful mobile app. Whether it is B2B, B2C, or an internal app that is going to be used by your company to improve your processes, it is important to stay on top of the latest trends to make sure you develop the absolute best app possible.

A skilled mobile app team like Soft System Solution can help you navigate the development of your app idea with ease.
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Why Your E-Commerce Site Needs Identity Verification

Online shopping is more popular than ever before, but this does not mean that running an e-commerce site is a walk in the park as It can actually be quite challenging.

Whilst as a company you want to make it as easy as possible for customers to purchase from your website, you must also ensure that adequate security is in place to deter fraudulent transactions.

Ecommerce Website

Here, we are taking you through the top reasons why your e-commerce site needs to implement identity verification.

1] A Rise In Online Fraud 

Did you know that card-not-present fraud costs have risen massively in the past few years and it was predicted that by 2018 losses were expected to reach a massive $6.4 billion.

This is a serious ongoing threat that needs to be combated and so it is now more important than ever for your e-commerce business to ensure that you are verifying customer identities. Otherwise you could face consequences and costs of chargebacks which result from fraudulent transactions.

2] Reduction In Shipping Errors

What is fantastic about using identity verification is that it can help to reduce shipping errors. This system will help to make your shipping operation more efficient and accurate as it can verify the customer’s shipping address and will eliminate the problem of sending orders to the wrong place.

This is not something that any business wants as it can quickly lead to delays and very angry customers.

3] Follow Compliance Requirements 

Compliance Requirements

Identity verification software can help you to implement any compliance requirements that you need to follow. This could be verifying the age of your customers or simply complying with other regulations and will help you to prevent any potential lawsuits.

The service Cognito can even verify the age of your customers if you are selling age-restricted goods or content and it will ensure that your customers are old enough to do business with you.

4] Make Ordering Online Easy 

Shopping cart abandonment is something that every business must take seriously and try to overcome if they want their business to succeed and profit. While there can be a whole of reasons why people leave their shopping cart without buying, one of the main ones that comes up time and time again is that the system is too long or confusing.

If your customers have to input the same information multiple times, then they are far more likely to give up or not put in their information correctly.

When you use ID verification technology, your customers will have the chance to scan information straight into the system which will give you far quicker transactions. This will save your customers time and increase your sales.

5] Increase Mobile Transaction Safety 

More and more customers are using their mobile phones to make online purchases and so they must be protected too. With ID verification, you won’t have to have lots of unnecessary typing and you can accurately identify your users.
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Magento - A Perfect Solution For Your eCommerce Business

For every business owner who wants to create an ecommerce site for their business, is undoubtedly looking for a great and effective platform to create an impressive website and magento development is unmatched when it comes to ecommerce site development.

Magento eCommerce Platform

These days online ecommerce businesses need a good and responsive website. Magento being an open source development platform offers advanced features and flexibility to get customised solutions as per client’s requirements.

Why Choose Magento

In the CMS world, magento development is ruling due to more than one reason. From advanced features to functionality and many options of themes, magento offers users exceptional facilities.

Ecommerce Specific Platform

Comparing to other site development platforms, Magento is specifically meant for ecommerce developments. Thus it has all the necessary features and add-ons that are required for the smooth functioning of your online business.

SEO Friendly

A big positive side is that magento development supports SEO tactics. This makes your online site visible and builds a strong online presence for more traffic generation. With SEO strategies you can take your business to high page ranking and you also get full control over URLs.

Value For Money

Magento is an open source platform that is based on PHP. It is free and can be easily modified. So if you have a smaller home based online business or small shops, you can create a good ecommerce website absolutely free through community version platform.

On the other hand, for larger merchants and business owners you can create your site by getting the premium enterprise edition. With the help of both free and purchased extensions, you can change your website performance and features.

Functional And Responsive

Being a fast and dynamic platform, this is great for user experience. So when your customers visit your ecommerce site, they can buy easily through the site.

Also your sites will be mobile responsive. As most of the online shoppers prefer mobiles to browse a website and buy products, making your ecommerce site mobile friendly is necessary. And you can successfully integrate your site mobile devices.

Processing Security

Security is one such thing that has to be taken care of when you have your ecommerce site. Online shoppers always love smooth payment processing and secure payment methods.

Magento supports strong security measurements that give payment securities. So you can offer your customers options of choosing any payment gateways.

Monitoring And Reporting

With magento platform you can easily track your sales report, products review reports, reports on a number of purchases made and viewed products. It enables users to fully understand the performance level of your website.

If you are looking for a dramatic online shopping site that will fetch your business and will grab the attention of your customers, Magento is what you must go for.

Always hire a professional magento website developer who will be able to handle your website design, additional features and plugins to deliver you a highly functional ecommerce site. Look for the certified magento developers for your online business.

From performance to a user-friendly experience, with magento platform you can give wings to your ecommerce business.
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