Why Your E-Commerce Site Needs Identity Verification

Online shopping is more popular than ever before, but this does not mean that running an e-commerce site is a walk in the park as It can actually be quite challenging.

Whilst as a company you want to make it as easy as possible for customers to purchase from your website, you must also ensure that adequate security is in place to deter fraudulent transactions.

Ecommerce Website

Here, we are taking you through the top reasons why your e-commerce site needs to implement identity verification.

1] A Rise In Online Fraud 

Did you know that card-not-present fraud costs have risen massively in the past few years and it was predicted that by 2018 losses were expected to reach a massive $6.4 billion.

This is a serious ongoing threat that needs to be combated and so it is now more important than ever for your e-commerce business to ensure that you are verifying customer identities. Otherwise you could face consequences and costs of chargebacks which result from fraudulent transactions.

2] Reduction In Shipping Errors

What is fantastic about using identity verification is that it can help to reduce shipping errors. This system will help to make your shipping operation more efficient and accurate as it can verify the customer’s shipping address and will eliminate the problem of sending orders to the wrong place.

This is not something that any business wants as it can quickly lead to delays and very angry customers.

3] Follow Compliance Requirements 

Compliance Requirements

Identity verification software can help you to implement any compliance requirements that you need to follow. This could be verifying the age of your customers or simply complying with other regulations and will help you to prevent any potential lawsuits.

The service Cognito can even verify the age of your customers if you are selling age-restricted goods or content and it will ensure that your customers are old enough to do business with you.

4] Make Ordering Online Easy 

Shopping cart abandonment is something that every business must take seriously and try to overcome if they want their business to succeed and profit. While there can be a whole of reasons why people leave their shopping cart without buying, one of the main ones that comes up time and time again is that the system is too long or confusing.

If your customers have to input the same information multiple times, then they are far more likely to give up or not put in their information correctly.

When you use ID verification technology, your customers will have the chance to scan information straight into the system which will give you far quicker transactions. This will save your customers time and increase your sales.

5] Increase Mobile Transaction Safety 

More and more customers are using their mobile phones to make online purchases and so they must be protected too. With ID verification, you won’t have to have lots of unnecessary typing and you can accurately identify your users.
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Magento - A Perfect Solution For Your eCommerce Business

For every business owner who wants to create an ecommerce site for their business, is undoubtedly looking for a great and effective platform to create an impressive website and magento development is unmatched when it comes to ecommerce site development.

Magento eCommerce Platform

These days online ecommerce businesses need a good and responsive website. Magento being an open source development platform offers advanced features and flexibility to get customised solutions as per client’s requirements.

Why Choose Magento

In the CMS world, magento development is ruling due to more than one reason. From advanced features to functionality and many options of themes, magento offers users exceptional facilities.

Ecommerce Specific Platform

Comparing to other site development platforms, Magento is specifically meant for ecommerce developments. Thus it has all the necessary features and add-ons that are required for the smooth functioning of your online business.

SEO Friendly

A big positive side is that magento development supports SEO tactics. This makes your online site visible and builds a strong online presence for more traffic generation. With SEO strategies you can take your business to high page ranking and you also get full control over URLs.

Value For Money

Magento is an open source platform that is based on PHP. It is free and can be easily modified. So if you have a smaller home based online business or small shops, you can create a good ecommerce website absolutely free through community version platform.

On the other hand, for larger merchants and business owners you can create your site by getting the premium enterprise edition. With the help of both free and purchased extensions, you can change your website performance and features.

Functional And Responsive

Being a fast and dynamic platform, this is great for user experience. So when your customers visit your ecommerce site, they can buy easily through the site.

Also your sites will be mobile responsive. As most of the online shoppers prefer mobiles to browse a website and buy products, making your ecommerce site mobile friendly is necessary. And you can successfully integrate your site mobile devices.

Processing Security

Security is one such thing that has to be taken care of when you have your ecommerce site. Online shoppers always love smooth payment processing and secure payment methods.

Magento supports strong security measurements that give payment securities. So you can offer your customers options of choosing any payment gateways.

Monitoring And Reporting

With magento platform you can easily track your sales report, products review reports, reports on a number of purchases made and viewed products. It enables users to fully understand the performance level of your website.

If you are looking for a dramatic online shopping site that will fetch your business and will grab the attention of your customers, Magento is what you must go for.

Always hire a professional magento website developer who will be able to handle your website design, additional features and plugins to deliver you a highly functional ecommerce site. Look for the certified magento developers for your online business.

From performance to a user-friendly experience, with magento platform you can give wings to your ecommerce business.
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Important Benefits Of Educational Applications

The introduction of technology in the educational field is changing the way students learn. The emerging technologies are making the education system more fun and flexible. With the help of the features of the educational apps, students can learn without any barrier.

Benefits Of Educational Applications

Nowadays students can get any information and any study materials like NCERT Solutions For Class 7, RD Sharma solutions, Physics books, etc. with just one click. Some important advantages and benefits of technology and mobile learning apps in education is provided in the points given below.

Enhanced learning

With the help of different educational apps, learners can now study at their own pace. With features like adaptive learning, students can learn concepts according to their level. This helps them to understand and learn the topics and concepts in a better way.


One of the best thing about the mobile learning app is that they are available all the time. The learning apps can be downloaded and installed on different portable gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops which can be carried anywhere.

Therefore, with the help of mobile learning applications, students can now learn at any time and from anywhere.


E-books or electronic books are books, study materials or notes available in the digital form which learners can download and read from their mobile phones, tablets, and other portable gadgets.


There are numerous library applications and e-book websites on the internet from where students can get any book they want.

Students can also get notes and study materials like NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Science, Maths, etc from their educational applications.
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Top Blogging Tips for E-commerce Website

You have an incredible eCommerce website that sells products that you know there is a market for but if your website is not gaining the traffic it deserves, it may be necessary for some promotion. The fact that people visit your website is a huge task, but there are some steps you can take to boost.

If you are prepared to see the growth of your traffic, we have areas that you must start or take measures to improve.

Blogging Tips for E-Commerce Websites

A blog is an effective way to improve your e-commerce website, improving your organic traffic. Ideally, you should post new and unique blog content several times a week. It's a way to provide your customers with informative and entertaining content that places them in an authorized position.

Giving  detailed information about products on your online store

This is what comes to your mind at the first instance. It is not a good idea to publish long texts in the pages of the product. Visitors expect to see only general information here only to capture the main features of the product or the technical data.

Mostly, the blog is created for customers. In your blog any detailed analysis and descriptions about the use of certain products with examples, illustrations and useful tips are accepted.

Try to increase citations and get links back to your online store.

If you offer interesting content on your blog, it's a good chance to get backlinks to the online store. There are many products with boring or standard descriptions on their pages. For good results in the Google ranking, backlinks are needed, but it's not so easy to get.

In your blog you can post useful tips, recommendations or "make" articles and make the content more interesting, so there is more chance of getting backlinks.

Get your content on social networks

Almost everyone is on social media. According to the same Payfort report, between 85% and 90% of Internet users in the region are present in different social networks, especially Facebook. Although Google+ is still far from competing with Facebook, being active in this platform by sharing the post of your blog can benefit your Google ranking.

Until today, there are still many debates as if social activities were directly related to SEO or not. But one thing is safe, as long as your website is popular in different social networks, you must have at least an indirect impact on your ranking. To increase social interactions, include the buttons to share social networks on the pages of products and articles on your website.

Start with an article that drives traffic

When you are done coming up with topics your potential customers will like reading, keyword research tool should be used to look up the keywords that people maybe using online to search for answers on those topics.

A tool that is very easy to use that you can try is SEMRush.

 If you need keywords to add to your posts all you need  do is visit  SEMRush homepage and type in the topic ideas in the field provided and click on ‘Start Now’. SEMRush will find out if the keywords are searched by people and/or if there are other relevant ones.

Promote products in content

Before publishing on a blog post, optimize it to generate the maximum sales from the generated traffic. The easiest way to do this is to promote your online store on your blog. You can display ads throughout the store or in one or more of your products. Showing one or a few products might work better because you can write very targeted articles.

Convert traffic to prospects

This method of converting traffic to leads is something that every e-commerce blog should do because only a small percentage of visits will turn to sales.

Most people will not buy your products immediately for a variety of reasons. They might be slightly curious on the subject right now, they might not be sure which product to buy, they might not have the money, they might wait for season sales, etc. The reasons are endless.

This means that they cannot buy now, but they will most likely in the future. Therefore, when you enter your e-mail address, you will be able to promote your products in the future when they are ready to buy.

The capture of e-mail addresses also allows you to feed your subscribers with free and useful content. This can be very effective for generating customers. Especially if they are on the fence about the credibility of your products or your business.

Tip: If you are new to eCommerce and looking for good order management software, you should try EMERGE App.

Make a small article about your product

Tell the stories of recent customers and your answer or answer to get them - again, this adds a human touch to your e-commerce store, as well as tutorials on how to use your products, which show that you care.

Reveal how you started and how your business has changed over the years to better serve your customers. This is a great article to write when you deploy new systems to improve the customer experience.

Mention your name and the name of your team in a post

Sharing your team or yourself in your blog posts builds trust in your business. It gives people more of "Fast Shipping" or "High Quality", it makes your business real and gives people a reason to come back to your store and will result in repeat sales, be it sales or visitors is always a bonus!

Use your blog now to drive more online sales

Quickly Increase Your Online Sales

These are all steps you need to take to promote your e-commerce site by blogging. Start by creating a strategy that attracts potential buyers. After that, search on keywords and social networks to find blog topics that will drive traffic.

Then create the content and optimize it for search engines, shares and sales. Finally, promote post and generate traffic that will be converted into sales.

And do not forget to capture the traffic (leads) that does not want to buy from you immediately.
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Get Easy Access to Wondershare for Conversion of Video Files From AVI to MOV

The Audio Video Interleave is also known as AVI files is one of the multimedia container format and it can be processed with MPlayer, KMPlayer, and VLC Player.

The AVI system was developed in 1992 by Microsoft, is based on the window system. But there has been an issue with the format as when it is used on IOS devices seems to have the incompatibility with their system.

AVI to MOV converter

To make the format of AVI feasible in IOS platforms too it has been found that the same should be converted to MOV for running the video formats. But there is a situation as the same cannot be converted directly into MOV and do require some assistance for the same as well.

The QuickTime Multimedia File Format (MOV) developed by Apple for audio and video formats. MOV is said to be commonly used in Mac Media Player or in other various devices of Apple like iTunes, iPads, iPhones, etc.

Converting an AVI file to MOV do require you to seek the help of a video converter to assist you in the journey. The Wondershare video converter is one of the best ones to help you out. Let's know various aspects related to the Wondershare video converter and how you can convert your files into a feasible format.

Convert your AVI file to MOV

How to convert AVI to MOV with Wondershare Video Converter?

Converting the AVI files to MOV can be done quite easily with the help of Wondershare video converter. You just need to go through the below instructions to have a quick access to the steps for the conversions on your Mac:

  • Landed on Wondershare video converter platform you need to open the respective section of the conversion of AVI to MOV. The first step is to drop your AVI files or add them through the browsing to the video converter.
  • The Wondershare video converter does allow the respective editing of the file before you set up the conversion as they have a built-in editor to adjust the saturation, contrast, and brightness.
AVI to MOV Converter

  • The converter does have settings for the customization as per the device that you are using to watch. Like once you have converted the file to MOV, you can also look for setting up the option for iPhone, iPad, Mac, DVD etc. It gives the user an independence to have a formatted file which can be accessed directly from their device as per your playback preferences.
The users can also convert the respective AVI formats to MOV files without the Mac too, but it definitely lacks the features like fast conversions and the video files do not offer any metadata retrieval too.

Online conversions are also supported by Wondershare video converter and you can select and convert your favorite video file to any format you desire. The Wondershare video converter can help you in giving a fine experience with the kind of videos you want as per your preferences.

The Wondershare video converter supports the conversion from AVI to MOV and from MOV to AVI and other 1000+ formats. The speed which the Wondershare operates is much faster as compared to the other converters. The respective video converter can help you out with the various services like helping them with trimming, adding subtitles & effects, cropping and rotating features.

The best part of the video converter is that it is supported by most of the operating systems like various Windows versions, Linux and Mac and is ready to give the users its services independent of the system they are using for.

The video converter can help in recording and downloading video from more than 10000+ websites. The Wondershare helps in providing a versatile toolbox to its users that are said to include various features like GIF maker, VR converter, screen recorder and video metadata. In all, it is a one roof solution for everything related to videos and having their quick access to the users.

The trial package of Wondershare video converter is free of cost and you can look for their accessibility in just a few seconds after having access to the respective video converter platform.

They have been one of the leaders in the video conversion and said to attract thousands of visitors on a daily basis to avail the services of the video converter. The AVI to MOV video converter as a lot of people find it a constraint to watch their favorite video on their Mac. You also need convert MPEG to MP4.

The platform does look for serving their best to the clients who are facing the issues with the conversions. If in any case, you couldn’t able to convert your file into the respective one, feel free to write us about the issue and we would be more than happy to assist you over for the same.

Looking forward to hearing the feedback from the users so that we can make the interface much better for everyone to use.
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