Top Blogging Tips for E-commerce Website

You have an incredible eCommerce website that sells products that you know there is a market for but if your website is not gaining the traffic it deserves, it may be necessary for some promotion. The fact that people visit your website is a huge task, but there are some steps you can take to boost.

If you are prepared to see the growth of your traffic, we have areas that you must start or take measures to improve.

Blogging Tips for E-Commerce Websites

A blog is an effective way to improve your e-commerce website, improving your organic traffic. Ideally, you should post new and unique blog content several times a week. It's a way to provide your customers with informative and entertaining content that places them in an authorized position.

Giving  detailed information about products on your online store

This is what comes to your mind at the first instance. It is not a good idea to publish long texts in the pages of the product. Visitors expect to see only general information here only to capture the main features of the product or the technical data.

Mostly, the blog is created for customers. In your blog any detailed analysis and descriptions about the use of certain products with examples, illustrations and useful tips are accepted.

Try to increase citations and get links back to your online store.

If you offer interesting content on your blog, it's a good chance to get backlinks to the online store. There are many products with boring or standard descriptions on their pages. For good results in the Google ranking, backlinks are needed, but it's not so easy to get.

In your blog you can post useful tips, recommendations or "make" articles and make the content more interesting, so there is more chance of getting backlinks.

Get your content on social networks

Almost everyone is on social media. According to the same Payfort report, between 85% and 90% of Internet users in the region are present in different social networks, especially Facebook. Although Google+ is still far from competing with Facebook, being active in this platform by sharing the post of your blog can benefit your Google ranking.

Until today, there are still many debates as if social activities were directly related to SEO or not. But one thing is safe, as long as your website is popular in different social networks, you must have at least an indirect impact on your ranking. To increase social interactions, include the buttons to share social networks on the pages of products and articles on your website.

Start with an article that drives traffic

When you are done coming up with topics your potential customers will like reading, keyword research tool should be used to look up the keywords that people maybe using online to search for answers on those topics.

A tool that is very easy to use that you can try is SEMRush.

 If you need keywords to add to your posts all you need  do is visit  SEMRush homepage and type in the topic ideas in the field provided and click on ‘Start Now’. SEMRush will find out if the keywords are searched by people and/or if there are other relevant ones.

Promote products in content

Before publishing on a blog post, optimize it to generate the maximum sales from the generated traffic. The easiest way to do this is to promote your online store on your blog. You can display ads throughout the store or in one or more of your products. Showing one or a few products might work better because you can write very targeted articles.

Convert traffic to prospects

This method of converting traffic to leads is something that every e-commerce blog should do because only a small percentage of visits will turn to sales.

Most people will not buy your products immediately for a variety of reasons. They might be slightly curious on the subject right now, they might not be sure which product to buy, they might not have the money, they might wait for season sales, etc. The reasons are endless.

This means that they cannot buy now, but they will most likely in the future. Therefore, when you enter your e-mail address, you will be able to promote your products in the future when they are ready to buy.

The capture of e-mail addresses also allows you to feed your subscribers with free and useful content. This can be very effective for generating customers. Especially if they are on the fence about the credibility of your products or your business.

Tip: If you are new to eCommerce and looking for good order management software, you should try EMERGE App.

Make a small article about your product

Tell the stories of recent customers and your answer or answer to get them - again, this adds a human touch to your e-commerce store, as well as tutorials on how to use your products, which show that you care.

Reveal how you started and how your business has changed over the years to better serve your customers. This is a great article to write when you deploy new systems to improve the customer experience.

Mention your name and the name of your team in a post

Sharing your team or yourself in your blog posts builds trust in your business. It gives people more of "Fast Shipping" or "High Quality", it makes your business real and gives people a reason to come back to your store and will result in repeat sales, be it sales or visitors is always a bonus!

Use your blog now to drive more online sales

Quickly Increase Your Online Sales

These are all steps you need to take to promote your e-commerce site by blogging. Start by creating a strategy that attracts potential buyers. After that, search on keywords and social networks to find blog topics that will drive traffic.

Then create the content and optimize it for search engines, shares and sales. Finally, promote post and generate traffic that will be converted into sales.

And do not forget to capture the traffic (leads) that does not want to buy from you immediately.
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Get Easy Access to Wondershare for Conversion of Video Files From AVI to MOV

The Audio Video Interleave is also known as AVI files is one of the multimedia container format and it can be processed with MPlayer, KMPlayer, and VLC Player.

The AVI system was developed in 1992 by Microsoft, is based on the window system. But there has been an issue with the format as when it is used on IOS devices seems to have the incompatibility with their system.

AVI to MOV converter

To make the format of AVI feasible in IOS platforms too it has been found that the same should be converted to MOV for running the video formats. But there is a situation as the same cannot be converted directly into MOV and do require some assistance for the same as well.

The QuickTime Multimedia File Format (MOV) developed by Apple for audio and video formats. MOV is said to be commonly used in Mac Media Player or in other various devices of Apple like iTunes, iPads, iPhones, etc.

Converting an AVI file to MOV do require you to seek the help of a video converter to assist you in the journey. The Wondershare video converter is one of the best ones to help you out. Let's know various aspects related to the Wondershare video converter and how you can convert your files into a feasible format.

Convert your AVI file to MOV

How to convert AVI to MOV with Wondershare Video Converter?

Converting the AVI files to MOV can be done quite easily with the help of Wondershare video converter. You just need to go through the below instructions to have a quick access to the steps for the conversions on your Mac:

  • Landed on Wondershare video converter platform you need to open the respective section of the conversion of AVI to MOV. The first step is to drop your AVI files or add them through the browsing to the video converter.
  • The Wondershare video converter does allow the respective editing of the file before you set up the conversion as they have a built-in editor to adjust the saturation, contrast, and brightness.
AVI to MOV Converter

  • The converter does have settings for the customization as per the device that you are using to watch. Like once you have converted the file to MOV, you can also look for setting up the option for iPhone, iPad, Mac, DVD etc. It gives the user an independence to have a formatted file which can be accessed directly from their device as per your playback preferences.
The users can also convert the respective AVI formats to MOV files without the Mac too, but it definitely lacks the features like fast conversions and the video files do not offer any metadata retrieval too.

Online conversions are also supported by Wondershare video converter and you can select and convert your favorite video file to any format you desire. The Wondershare video converter can help you in giving a fine experience with the kind of videos you want as per your preferences.

The Wondershare video converter supports the conversion from AVI to MOV and from MOV to AVI and other 1000+ formats. The speed which the Wondershare operates is much faster as compared to the other converters. The respective video converter can help you out with the various services like helping them with trimming, adding subtitles & effects, cropping and rotating features.

The best part of the video converter is that it is supported by most of the operating systems like various Windows versions, Linux and Mac and is ready to give the users its services independent of the system they are using for.

The video converter can help in recording and downloading video from more than 10000+ websites. The Wondershare helps in providing a versatile toolbox to its users that are said to include various features like GIF maker, VR converter, screen recorder and video metadata. In all, it is a one roof solution for everything related to videos and having their quick access to the users.

The trial package of Wondershare video converter is free of cost and you can look for their accessibility in just a few seconds after having access to the respective video converter platform.

They have been one of the leaders in the video conversion and said to attract thousands of visitors on a daily basis to avail the services of the video converter. The AVI to MOV video converter as a lot of people find it a constraint to watch their favorite video on their Mac. You also need convert MPEG to MP4.

The platform does look for serving their best to the clients who are facing the issues with the conversions. If in any case, you couldn’t able to convert your file into the respective one, feel free to write us about the issue and we would be more than happy to assist you over for the same.

Looking forward to hearing the feedback from the users so that we can make the interface much better for everyone to use.
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4 Tips for Setting Up a SoundBar In Your Home for Optimum Experience

This article is mainly about the importance and value of soundbar. This term has been introduced in the market, but unfortunately, the significance of this term is not to expand. There are rarely people who are having the healthy idea about and it, not the complete one.

How to Connect, Set Up, and Use a Sound Bar

Sound Bar Connection and Setup

As this time is the time of science and technologies and these technologies are moving very vastly and making our life immensely more comfortable. These technologies work well and give necessary facilities, and with different media and tools this term is using that making life and work both easier. The work of these features is outstanding.

A soundbar is very authentic and most accessible tool that is used by the lovers of theater as well as who is more interested in the songs. This bar gives terrible sound and avoids the pain of ears. Most people are using it not only to listen to the songs but also in the home.

This bar is giving quality work and listening to this tool is very easy and effective, while most tools are used that create disturbance in the voice that becomes difficult to understand.

After getting enough places in the market, manufacturers started to make further various types of bars, and the costs are arranged according to the quality of the bars. Some bars are having wires and proper connection while some are having the wire free but still giving quality work. These bars are easy to carry and work like these bars are avail in various amounts that you can buy according to your budget.

Few steps are giving quality sound in the room without any dubbing or disturbance.

Mount it firmly

There are various types of designs and styles of soundbars under 100 which are used. Like, some people having the proper place of having TV while mostly like to hang the TV on walls and in that case soundbar is used that give clear and worth voice.

For that different brands are working and designing the bars with various sizes and styles and you can adjust as well as install and quality are uncompetitive of this mounting bar.

Right Setup

Many sound bars are available in a market. Only set up the mind that you will buy it is not enough you have to move to the best one.

Once you find out the basic one, then the next turn is how to setup it like there are some rules if those rules will be followed then the soundbar will give an amazing result. Mostly peoples suggest to install it in the mid so that it will capture the sound easily and provide quality work.

Some bars have woofers if this bar will be close to the speaker it will give an amazing result.

Play with setting

There is the variety of bars, and each bar has different performing functions. Before buying the bar must talk to the owner of the shop that you want to test its quality of sound and this will give you benefit and you will find the exact result.

Virtual Surround Sound

The area in which the bar is used must be free from hurdles. There would be no obstacle and avoids the things that can become the cause of the disturbance.
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Best Website to Buy Electronics Products In Dubai

Dubai is the heart of UAE which representing the enormous engineering of mankind to the world. Along with this Dubai is known for luxury lifestyle, hotels, eye-catchy shopping malls & shops. Online shopping in Dubai is in trend and adopted by millions of people and has seen a tremendous growth in the last five years. 

Best Online Store to Buy Electronics In Dubai

Best Online Shopping Websites in Dubai

Many shopping enthusiasts marked that shopping by visiting their favorite shopping mall is better to experience while other shoppers rated online shopping more beneficial than traditional shopping.

In Dubai, electronic gadgets are highly in demand or we can say people are well connected with the gadgets. From home appliances to personal gadgets everything becomes the necessary part of the lifestyle. A day without these gadgets products becomes incomplete. 

There are many gadget lovers who are always seeking latest version products of their desired electronic brands. 

While keeping all this in mind we have listed down the best electronic gadget sites in Dubai which deals in genuine and premium electronic brands products. 

On these stores, users can find the thousands of electronic products of popular brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, JBL, Lenovo and more. Check out the listed sites below to buy electronics products in Dubai:


Souq is the Dubai largest online shopping store offering the best electronic products with wide range of category including home appliances, laptop & notebooks, televisions, game consoles, digital cameras, printers, home theatres, networking & communication, hard drive & shortage and more. 

Register on the website with your email id or using a Facebook account to access all the features and offers. There is a sale section where a user can set the category to electronics and explore the various gadgets products at lower prices. Along with electronic items, buyers can go for other categories products as Souq is the one place shop for shopping. 

This shopping portal supports various payment modes for the ease of the shoppers. Moreover, Souq provide a special option to their clients to pay in installments to make everyone happy!


Awok UAE one of the biggest online e-commerce site which grabbing the people attention in Dubai. This is a global store served in numerous countries and known as an online mall. Awok deals in various categories and provides a wide range of choice to shoppers. 

On this shopping portal, a user can find the exclusive electronic products and gadgets at best prices than the market. All the global electronic brands are available at Awok with thousands of products availability. 

Explore the home & kitchen section to redefine the living area of the home, buy the laptops & notebooks to experience the latest features of your favorite brands, purchase the camera & other accessories to shoot the best moment of the life and more. 

Moreover, download the mobile app to access the store on your device and simply view and place the order. 


Noon is one of the highly rated shopping portals of Dubai which offers the broad range of products and brands. This online store is the complete mall where buyers can explore the entire store at their fingertips. 

For gadgets lovers, this shopping site are mostly recommended as all the top electronic brands are available with thousands of products at lower prices than the market. 

Some of the brands like Apple, HTC, Samsung, Lenovo, Canon, Microsoft, Sony, etc. There is a separate section available for electronic where all types of items and products are listed such as home appliances, audio & video, cameras & other accessories, tablets & video games, headphones & speakers and more. 

Moreover, Noon enables their customers to make use of promo codes or coupons at the time of checkout to get the instant discount. These Noon promo codes are easily available on the coupons sites free of cost. 

Besides this, customers feel comfortable with the services offered by the Noon and leave a positive feedback on the products review section.

Buy Electronics Products in Dubai

For all online shoppers, Wadi becomes the most loveable shopping portal in Dubai. It brings the all global brands on user devices. Now people can view and scroll the millions of products from anywhere anytime and easily place their desired order. 

Wadi covers the best range of electronic products to offer the broad section of products to choose from. World’s popular brands Samsung, Apple, HTC, Lenovo, Canon, VIVO and more all are available at Wadi store. 

Explore the store and choose the desired gadgets or home appliances to simplify your living style. Buy the latest laptops & tablets to experience the new features of the technology, bring the branded DSLR camera to catch the special moments of your life. 

Just register on the site and become the loyal user to access the additional features of the stores.
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4 Technology Certificates That Will Increase Your Chances of Success in 2018 and Beyond

If you work in IT, having professional certifications is always a good thing. You may not be able to put all your certifications to use immediately but you can always expect that an opportunity that requires your technical qualifications will open up in the future.

As more and more companies embrace technology to run almost all their departments, the demand for qualified and certified IT professionals is increasing exponentially.

Technology Certificates Increase Your Chances of Success

There are a lot of people with general IT qualifications but specific qualifications are often more valuable since most IT jobs are highly specialized. As you look to develop your career in 2018 and beyond, you should pay close attention to the IT fields that have shown tremendous growth in the past two years and that have no signs of slowing down any time soon. Below are some of the technology certificates that will increase your chances of success in 2018 and beyond.

CCA Data Analyst

Companies’ use of Big Data is bound to grow. There’s never been greater demand for proficient data analysts. While tech giants and companies that rely on Big Data to operate are investing in training their employees on how to navigate and employ Big Data technologies, most companies and their executives don’t have a clue what the field entails even though they badly need the services of data analysts.

They therefore depend on recruiters or their HR professionals to bring people on board who already have the skills needed to collect, prepare, structure, and analyze data.

A CCA Data Analyst must have successfully passed the CCA Data Analyst Exam. The skills you learn during the program will equip you with the necessary competencies you need to pull data, analyze data, and generate final reports using Hive and Impala in Cloudera’s CDH environment.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

You can’t ignore the place of Amazon Web Services in IT. There are so many AWS-backed services being employed in the average workplace that being proficient in all things AWS is going to be a standard requirement of IT professionals pretty soon. Before that time comes, you can get a head-start by getting AWS Certified in 2018.

If you aren’t yet convinced of the value of getting AWS Certified, just look up how fast AWS has grown and how far it has gone beyond competitors as far as cloud-related services are concerned. As a matter of fact, it pretty much dominates the cloud today since it is 10 times as big as the 14 closest competitors combined.

According to a 2016 Global Knowledge Study, the annual salary for an Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect was $125,871. The AWS Certification, according to the study, was the most valuable IT certification in 2016.

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

The Project Management Professional certification is one of the most valuable certifications you can earn. It is always a great idea for an IT professional to have a PMP certification. Nearly all IT professionals work in project settings and the PMP certification will equip them with the knowledge and tools they need to successfully launch, run, and complete projects.

Most managers and employers understand the value of PMP and will prefer having a PMP certified professional on their team to having someone without the certification. Since PMP isn’t industry-specific, you can use it in pretty much every professional environment you find yourself in.

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

According to the 2016 Global Knowledge Study mentioned above, CISM was the 3rd most valuable IT certification. CISMs pulled an annual salary of $122,291. CISMs continue to enjoy high salaries and greater career development opportunities in 2018. The trend is bound to continue as the use of technology in business grows and as more companies invest in information security.

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

The certification will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to manage, design, and assess an organization’s information security. It is a certification that is recognized the world over and typically has two testing windows every year.

It is offered by a non-profit body known as ISACA. The organization goes only by the acronym but it was previously known as the Information Systems
Audit and Control Association.

With a CISM certification, you will be more marketable to employers as the program makes IT security professionals understand the value of information security as it relates to broader organizational or business objectives.

By going through the program, you will also equip yourself with important information security knowledge such as how to develop an information security system from the ground up. This information will be particularly useful when customizing information security programs for your organization.


Technical certifications are very valuable as they help you communicate that you have a strong understanding of a given area of IT. Even if you are already knowledgeable about the area in question, preparing for the certification exam will expose you to several things you may have not bothered to master.

This is true since IT functions in most organizations are always standardized and workers rarely get the chance to test different commands, procedures, or configuration options.
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