7 Habits Of Highly Effective Project Managers

Stepping into a new project management position? Perhaps, you are just wondering how on earth other managers manage to never run late, without stepping a toe out of line in terms of the budget, and on top of this, are still able to ensure customers are 100 percent satisfied.

Habits Of Highly Effective Project Managers

This may seem impossible to you right now.

We get it, they must be superheroes! Probably not…

The good news is throughout this article, we list several tips to help you ensure you pivot yourself as one of the best project managers out there. These tips will help you manage the team more efficiently, and streamline the pipeline.

So, without further ado let’s get into it.

Learn How To Be Proactive

Learn How To Be Proactive

There are essentially two different types of project managers. Proactive, and reactive managers.
If you really one to stay one-step ahead of the game, you need to try be proactive. Changes are unpredictable, and will happen – which is why it is important to be able to navigate change, and deal with it as it happens.

But at the same time…

You should have contingency plans in place just in case a certain plan falls through. The last thing you want is to have a project due tomorrow, and an important component of your project jumping down the rabbit hole as it were.

Your Team Should Always Be Your Main Priority

Your Team Should Always Be Your Main Priority

Your team should be your number one. After all, they are the main reason why you can streamline your pipeline, ensure deliverables are given in on time, and your clients are happy. That is why it is important to take the time to understand how your team is doing.

Schedule meetings now and then to ensure that team members are feeling confident about their workload. During these meetings, you may even save-time, if a particular team member is struggling with a problem, it could be delegated to another member more capable of doing it.
Spending a bit of time now on your team members will have a direct correlation to their performance.

Listen To Ideas And Take Positive Criticism

As a project manager, positive criticism is your best friend. Regardless of whether it is coming from a higher-up staff member, an employee, or even a client.

When you encounter a problem with a customer, or with a fellow employee take the time to listen to the situation. Understand the situation, and why they did what they did. Take the time to understand their perspective of the problem they are facing.

This particular habit can be applied throughout life. But from a managing perspective, this is one of the best ways to deal with groups who have conflicting interests/ideas on how to best achieve the end-goal.

Educate Yourself To Pivot Your Expertise

Educate Yourself To Pivot Your Expertise

“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind, with an open one” – Malcolm S. Forbes
Even if you are a distinguished project manager – it is still considered good practise to continuously strive to educate yourself. Reading books, attend project management networking events, or perhaps even sign up for your certification.

There are courses out there that help project managers broaden their skill set for the job. From better team management, to better negotiations, and improved productivity – amongst a host of other things.

Check out the difference between the PMP and CAPM certification courses.

Keep The End Goal In Mind

As a project manager, you have a crazy list of deliverables that need to be sorted out by a certain date. Or you have a milestone objective you need to achieve each month. This can be stressful, not to mention intimidating.

That is why as you go through the day, making important decisions, and changes to better manage your team – the end goal always needs to be a priority. Whenever making an important decision…


Think, “How will this impact the (project) and will it influence its due date at all?”

Risk Management Is Incredibly Important

This seems basic, right? After all, any project manager will have a risk assessment at the beginning of the project before diving into the deep end.

But what if we told you that the best of the best found that this was not enough?

Risk management needs to be interwoven with your pipeline. The last thing you want is for a new risk to develop, causing problems, and wreaking havoc on the workflow. You can clue the team up during those bi-monthly meetings we mentioned a bit earlier.

Know Where Your Hours Get Spent

Your focusing so much on your team, sorting out Jane, helping John with a problem he is facing. Before you know it – you look up at the clock, and realize that time is almost up for the day. You start worrying, you barely managed to touch your own work today.

This happens to every project manager now and then.

But if you want to maximize the time that you have for your own work, without reducing how much you help your team, it is Important to start keeping track of how you spend your time. There are plenty of tools, and productivity hacks out there that will help you revolutionize your productivity on any given day.
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Weather Forecast & Doppler Radar; Major Role And Relation

RADAR is the acronym of Radio Detection and Ranging. Doppler radar was named after the Austrian Physicist J. Christian Doppler who articulated for the first time in 1842, why the whistle of an approaching train sounds higher than the whistle as the train moves away. This phenomenon is known as Doppler Effect or Doppler shift.

Weather Forecast & Doppler Radar

It is the difference between the emitted frequency of a wave and the observed frequency. The variation in frequency is dependent on the direction of the source of the sound wave is moving directly toward or away from the observer.

Doppler Effect

Doppler Effect is the apparent ‘shift’ in the frequency of the radio wave, caused due to the movement of a wave source. This frequency shifts upwards while the wave source is approaching and it moves down, while the wave source is retreating. The Doppler Effect, when analysed, explains the perception of change in the pitch of the sound.

There are four ways to produce Doppler effects, which includes:

  1. Coherent Pulsed (CP)
  2. Continuous Wave (CW)
  3. Pulse-Doppler
  4. Frequency Modulation

The CW radar used earlier sends continuous radio energy and is then received from any reflecting object. It provides only velocity output.

For the Pulse-Doppler radar, the returned signal is used to determine the velocity of the target object by combining with CW radars. The velocity is called Range-Rate. Later, the Frequency Modulated and CW were clubbed together (FM-CW) that sweeps the transmitted frequency for encoding and for determining the range. It has the limitation of processing only one target, normally.

Original Applicability

During the World War II, it was discovered that the weather was making echoes and was covering the potential enemy target. But, techniques were adopted to filter them. After the war, the radars were used for detecting precipitation, and the weather radar was evolved.

It has been used by national weather services, television newscast and research departments of universities. Raw images were used for making short-term weather forecast, about the future status of rain, hailstorm, snowfall and another weather phenomenon.

Doppler Radar

It combines the features of continuous-wave radars and pulse radars. It is a specialized radar that makes use of Doppler Effect for producing velocity data about distant objects. This is done by the bouncing of microwave signal of the desired target and then analysing, in what way, the motion of the object has changed the frequency of the returned signal.

This gives highly accurate measurements of the radial component of the velocity of the targeted object, relative to the radar. These radars are used in aviation, radiology, sounding satellites and meteorology.

Relationship with Weather Forecast

For weather forecasting, Doppler radar is used for measuring the direction, velocity and speed of the weather-related objects like drops of precipitation. The Doppler Effect is used to for determining if the movement in the atmosphere is horizontally away from or toward the radar.

Radar Operation for Weather

A Transmitter and a Receiver are the two major components of weather radar. The transmitter unit emits pulses of radio waves, known as microwaves, outward in a circular motion. Precipitation of the atmosphere scatters the microwaves and sends some energy back to the transmitter and is detected by the receiver of the radar.

The Next Generation Radar (NEXRAD) obtains information related to precipitation and wind, by the returned energy. When a burst of energy emitted by the radar strikes objects like raindrops, hail, snowflakes or bugs, the energy gets scattered directly in all directions and comes back toward the radar.

 However, if the target which is heading at 90 degrees about the antennae beam, it cannot be detected. A Zero Doppler target heads tangentially to the radar antennae beam. If the target has no range-rate or velocity reflects a frequency near the transmitter. So it cannot be detected.

The weather radar, also known as Weather Surveillance Radar (WSR) can locate precipitation, compute its motion and can make an estimation of rain droplets, intensity of precipitation, direction and intensity of the wind, hail, snow, the structure of the storm and their potential for causing severe weather. Because of its strong relationship with the weather forecast, Doppler radar plays a major role in predicting the weather-threatening events. 😊
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How Technology Is Saving Your Job

Technology has always been responsible for pushing the business world forward. From the creation of computers to the development of artificially intelligent robots, the latest in the tech world is often responsible for sustaining innovative fields and careers. While some people fear technology as a threat to their job, others know that technology is really the glue that’s holding everything together.

Saving Your Job In the Age of Automation

Saving Your Job in the Age of Automation

As automation finds its way into every industry in the working world, some employees will find that certain jobs are facing elimination, but that isn’t the case for most. In many industries, automation is acting as a job-saver of sorts. Here are some ways technology is saving your job:

Automation Give Workers New Skills

Automation allows workers to expand their skill set. Too often, workers become complacent, always using the same set of skills with which they started their job.

Introducing new software into the workplace will inspire workers to get excited about their work again. Having the opportunity to learn new systems and machinery can be just what some employees need to actually enjoy their job again.

By introducing new automation systems, businesses are creating new opportunities for their employees to grow. As employees work alongside the new technology, they will need to learn more about these systems and will gain valuable experience in the process.

Most of the new technology will require training to make sure workers are comfortable working with it. Once employees get the hang of using the new automated systems, they can add their new skill set to their resumes and apply for other higher paying positions.

Technology Allows Businesses to Grow

The main point of automation is to allow businesses to become more efficient and productive. As businesses automate their work, they can expect to gain more customers as well as generate more revenue.

Most businesses find that implementing time saving automation processes into their business routine has given their company a new lease on life. Having the opportunity for employees and employers to learn new technology also creates a sense of growth and development throughout the workplace.

Once businesses set up the rest of their automated processes with new software, management and workers can spend their time branching out in other ways. Oftentimes this can mean launching new products, taking on new hires, expanding services, and even starting new businesses.

In most cases, businesses will never go past partial automation. This will allow their business to run smoothly, but will still ensure that there is always a strong human element in the mix.

Automation can Save Struggling Businesses

Businesses that stand to benefit the most from automation are the ones that are struggling with the basic day-to-day tasks of running a business. Whether this means having difficulty with executing customer service experiences effectively, or not being able to manage finances properly–most new businesses have a lot to learn and not a lot of time to do it.

Most of these businesses are just starting off, but never make it past being a “small business” because they never get over these types of hurdles. When struggling businesses choose to automate their workflow even a little, they will notice how much easier it is to get their business up and running.

The very nature of automation is to save time, and with the right software and technology, employees and employers will find that they can bring their failing business from the brink of disaster. For example, if your business has a lot of important data, which most companies do–you want to be sure all of it backed up. By using a data backup software, you won’t have to worry about your date in case of an emergency.

Technology Creates New Industries

Technology Creates New Industries

As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced, new positions and new industries will be created. While job loss in other industries is inevitable, workers of today and the future have the flourishing industry of artificial intelligence and automation to look forward to.

With the rise of automation, new businesses have been created solely to develop, maintain, and distribute new technology and software. Human workers will always be needed to invent better technology as our needs for automation continue to expand. Additionally, businesses that choose to implement automation as part of their workplace will always need in-house workers to provide maintenance and instruction for their new technology.

Human workers will be needed to continue studying the ever-evolving relationship between man and machinery in the working world. Machines and robots will require new parts and updates as new technology is developed.
This need is what has led to the creation of new jobs built around new technology. Jobs like field service technicians, network administrators, and web developers have sprung into existence in the past 30 years.

It’s Not as Bad as You Think

Technology can undoubtedly lead to job loss, but it will also save more jobs than it destroys. For example, if you automate your accountspayable process–that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the entire department.

If you fear this type of change in the workplace–that’s totally common, but you must adjust accordingly or it is likely you will lose customers and money along the way. As we move toward the future, businesses and employees can trust that automation and new technology will enhance their careers. 😊
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How IoT Technology Is Reshaping The Construction Industry

If you are part of the building business, you are likely knowledgeable about the machines utilized on a daily basis. Imagine if every one of those machines-- big and small-- can readily connect to the world wide web? Can not it make your life simpler, particularly if you're a building manager handling these jobs?

IoT Tech Reshaping the Construction Industry

IoT Technology Making Inroads in Construction Industry

If you think that is nothing, however, fantasy, we are pleased to inform you that it is gradually turning into a reality. For a previous couple of decades, the Web of Things has been growing at a steady speed.

In actuality, it's currently regarded as the largest technological fashion there is. It is very beneficial in various industries, including house security, to area assistance, as well as in building websites. Still not convinced? Permit us to talk about how the Internet of Things is gradually reshaping the building market.

1) Equipment Servicing and Repair Could Be Less Complicated

Together with the IoT technologies, detectors are embedded inside the machines and if anything goes wrong, it might automatically transmit data about the condition of the machinery. Having the ability to repair the machines until the issue gets worse is that a sensible solution since you would not need to fret about it brittle if you least expect.

2) A More Affordable Strategy

If you are a building supervisor, you've probably already discovered how costly a construction job can be. There is always the danger of losing a fantastic amount of supplies which have gotten mislaid over the course of a job, or waste your money on goods that came on time, but maybe not exactly what your company arranged.

Not only that, from time to time, you may even spend a whole lot on gas prices only to discover that it did not work the way it is supposed to. With the assistance of all IoT technologies, you can put a stop to this issue.

You are going to have the specific details on how items will proceed on a building website. This will help you reduce the dangers of wasting and losing money. You don't have to be concerned about mislaid things, or the expense of purchasing replacements. Regarding fleet places, you may always utilize GPS to receive precise results.

Apart from this, you will also be in a position to picture or excavate gear how you are supposed to-- that could be just installed on a terrain, and you will have the ability to carry out directions through using a digital map.

3) Everything Could Be Monitored

It doesn't matter whether it is an electric drill or articulated movers. No matter the equipment might be, IoT will log the building hours automatically. This usually means the limits may also be tracked, preventing the operator from exhaustion and the incidence of accidents.

Additionally, there are wearable computing devices, like wristbands, which will have the ability to track the health and endurance of their wearer.

4) A Wonderful Way to Conserve Electricity and Gas

With the assistance of IoT, you will be able to send back information about the quantity of electricity used. By doing this, your business would have the ability to correct the after-lighting hours to save energy.

These machines will also be capable of sending back info on idling time, meaning that off intervals can readily be adjusted without the probability of penalizing the jobs.

5) Electricity and Gas Saving

IoT permits you to send back information about the quantity of electric power used. This means you will have the ability to correct the after-hours lighting to satisfy your energy-saving requirements. 

Similarly, machines would also provide you the accurate information regarding idling period-- that absorbs gas, so that throughout the off and on intervals, you're going to have the ability to fix them without the probability of penalizing the jobs dependent on the time required to restart the device.

6) Smart Traffic Cones

The IoT technologies would also create traffic cones a much better instrument in ways that detectors can be embedded right into it. For example, traffic safety cones could be transformed into a video surveillance system which provides rapidly-deployed, battery-operated, and completely wireless video monitoring and it would likewise have the ability to detect patterns with a smartphone.

This is sometimes thought to be a system-level solution ideal for building sites as accidents are prone to happen here.

7) Safer Employees

Accidents are rather typical in a building website. Fortunately, IoT can keep this from occurring. As an example, it has remote performance capabilities would signify that the employees won't need to be close to the harmful gear anymore since they will have the ability to control it at a distant site.

Author Bio:

Chris is a Digital Media Strategist in Orlando, FL and provides small business owners freelance copywriting services, PPC management, and SEO strategy.  Chris is also passionate about startup marketing, environmental issues, and emerging technologies. 
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Top Premium Blogging WordPress Themes

The purpose of launching a blog varies from one person to another; one could start to earn money & pay the bills while another one could start it to inspire masses with their experiences, stories & advice. Granted, making money is something that comes as a byproduct of blogging, so investing into a good a blogging platform is always a smart move for a blogger. 

What better platform than a dedicated one i.e. WordPress which offers Best Responsive Blog Themes to help you establish a fully functional blog for your niche. But, with the ever growing community of WordPress, the process of finding a perfect blogging theme can be a little overwhelming as the market is flooded with millions of option.

So, in this post we have narrowed down this search to the most popular, reliable & favorite Blogging themes for you to choose from:

1) Clean

Clean Blogging WordPress Theme

Recently launched, this theme is specifically created for those who are looking for a clean & minimal design. It comes with four predefined layouts which you can import for your site with just one click & you can further make the changes required smoothly with easy editing options. The theme is integrated with WooCommerce, Adsense & is optimized for speed.

Also See: Latest Free WordPress Themes

2) Viral

Viral Blogging WordPress Theme

Aptly named, this theme is crafted to make the most of the viral traffic. Optimized with social media buttons, links & sharing options, this theme is a perfect choice for buzz sites, news magazines & blogs. It has an Upload feature which encourages contributors to upload their content.

3) Moment

Moment Blogging WordPress Theme

Another minimalistic theme for putting up the content in the best light. This theme offers a truly unique masonry layout, an individual post page that you can design as per your choice & is Jetpack supported to enable your blog with customization, traffic, mobile content & much more.

4) Wayfarer

Wayfarer Blogging WordPress Theme

This theme is stunningly designed & is an ideal choice for explorers, travelers & nomads. A featured section assists you to introduce yourself to the readers while including your picture, description, social media handles & your business details.

5) BloggingBox

BloggingBox Blogging WordPress Theme

A multi purpose blogging theme that can accommodate almost all niches with its highly customizable framework & easy to edit options. It has four pre-made demos; default, fitness, travel & news about which you can use with its data while importing one of them with just a click. Additionally, this theme is responsive to every possible device regardless of the screen size.

6) Petit

Petit Blogging WordPress Theme

Next one, we have an ideal theme for food recipes & alike websites. Feature your recipes in its carousel, featured slider while including the shortcodes for recipes & reviews with its inbuilt review system. This theme takes only a fraction of the time to get installed & running with its easy installation process.

7) MyBlog

MyBlog Blogging WordPress Theme

MyBlog is an ideal choice for a personal blog which has all the features that you will need to promote your blog as a brand. With an intuitive navigation panel to help readers to find their way around looking for what they are seeking with an animated scrolling effect.

And if your blog is in a language other than English or you want to reach the global audience, this theme has got you covered with its easy translation functionality. 😊
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