A List Of Top 5 Hobbies For Technologically Inclined People

In today's world, the technology is advancing at a brisk pace and people who are slow to pick up the usage of these products and services are left behind. The older generation is also fast getting used to the new advancements.  In view of all these developments there is no wonder that the hobbies of the present generation is a lot different from that of the 80s generation. The following are the set of six hobbies that have been reported by the youth of the day. Firstly, we have the age-old option of watching TV.

Best 5 Hobbies For Technologically Inclined People

Technologically Inclined People

Although the entertainment industry has moved a lot away from the static content that were available in the television sets during the 1980s, the TV is still one of the largest used electronic device in the normal households. However the way in which people use these have changed quite incredibly. With the advent of the satellite television networks, there were numerous options for the people. The scenario changed Direct to Home or on demand services which were providing the programmes as per the interest and need of the customers.

Today in the world of internet, online streaming of videos through Netflix, Amazon and other companies has resulted in a large change of the quality of programmes and content that is available in the ordinary television sets. Secondly we have the option of browsing through the internet and chatting with perfect strangers in online chat rooms.

While the idea sounds preposterous for many people, it is what keeps the youth of this generation glued on to the computers. As innocent, this hobby sounds it comes with an equally dangerous proposition. Many youngsters are targeted by sexual predators and frauds in these online chat rooms. Regardless of the inherent dangers this is one of the favourite pastimes of youngsters all over the world.

The quick, easy and safer hobbies for your kids

Many teenagers are becoming hard-core gamers these days and with more and more games being introduced with each passing day and massively played multiplayer online games this is one fixation which is to stay with the people for a long time from now.

While playing these games are not inherently bad, there is an unprecedented amount of violence and gore in these games which can affect the psychological growth of the kids. However there are many good games that aim at improving the cognitive ability of the kids. In view of all these things the only hobby which seems to be without any adverse long term harmful effect is the amateur radio works. This is a wonderful hobby which stimulates the brain of the kids as they fiddle with their radio kits to be able to contact distant radio broadcasts.

While this is similar to what the modern chat rooms offer, the dangers of this hobby is quite low and at the same time the kids can also learn a lot about radio waves, various modulations and ways to contact other people. This art is in general called as dx radio and if your kids want to learn about this there is a separate website which offers guidance for people in dxnews.com.

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Self Drive Cars Trends In India and 5 Best Websites

Till few years ago, the market of self-driven cars did not even be existent. However, between years, the scene has altered quite dramatically and what we now see is a development, where several companies who capitalized in the idea are competing to be the best in the business.

Best Websites to Self Drive Cars Trends In India

self drive cars trends in india

The idea of self-driven cars is preferred solely because of the cause that they offer flexibility and freedom that a usual chauffer driven cab does not. The self-driven car service is an advantage for those who desire to travel throughout India, and avoid the inherent bother that comes along with the mass transport system.

Self-drive car rental market in India is observing the fast lane and leading players like ZoomCar, Revv, Myles cars, Justride, Avis, etc appear to be shifting to top gear experimenting and revolutionizing on the technological front.

Selfdrive.in, is an e-commerce portal which lets the clients to book a car online & pay straight via the payment gateway using a HSBC Global Pay & American Express through their Credit Cards.

You can avail discounts with coupons and promo codes for Self-drive car services with Fabpromocodes.in. You can find special Coupons & 100% cash back. We will offer the all coupons and offers for these websites of Self-drive car service described below.
Below described are the 5 best self-drive car rental service.

1) ZoomCar

 Zoomcar secures the distinction of presenting India’s first self-drive car rental company. It lets users to rent cars by the hour, day, week, or month. Its vehicle directory offers a wide and extensive variability of cars for self-drive in India, varying from hatchbacks to SUVs to luxury sedans. The rental plans are as convenient as any other and you can lease a car for an hour or even for a month.

Zoom car is an impressive service provider that provides services in only some major cities (Bangalore, Delhi / NCR, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai) at present. The company provides a range of 13 cars to select from, inexpensive one being the Tata Nano and the most expensive one being – Mercedes GLA. You can lease the Mercedes A class for as low as 190/hour, which also involves the fuel. You can drive the car up to 10kms, afterward would be levied Rs 25 per kilometer.

2) Revv

Revv is a self-drive car rental service that offers you with all the privacy, fun and accessibility of your own car, without the bothers of owning and maintaining one. It offers self-drive car rentals for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly necessities. It drop and pick-up cars from your doorway, so that you can devote time on the more important thing i.e. your drive.

Through its aggressive growth, Revv accomplishes to promote the notion of self-drive car rentals in India, and to make the market take-off through a product that mimics the confidentiality and convenience of one's own car, while being the most reasonable across all mobility options. Moreover, Revv provides unlimited kilometres and unlimited fuel and there are no hidden prices. That’s what kindled the self-drive car rental market in India attracting venture funding for Revv.

3) Myles

Myles is currently existing in more than 250 locations in 21 cities and functioning with a fleet of over 1200+ cars. Myles levies Rs.900 per hour and Rs.6,000 on a daily basis. Myles, which functions across 21 cities in India, has a fleet of cars varying from Mahindra Reva to high-end luxury cars, with Mercedes and BMW. Myles provides you the right and flexibility to select from the 38 car models based on the occasion, mood and prerequisite.

4) Avis

 Avis guarantee a stress-free car rental experience by offering superior services that provide to our customer's individual requirements. It is spread broadly in India covering over 19 cities and 50 locations.

Avis has become the topmost brand in Car Rental and Car hire services. Its services comprise Self-drive and Chauffeur drive cars, varying from Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes,Toyota, Honda and a many more. The company also offers exclusive railway transfers and airport transfers for pickup and drop services.

5) JustRide

Justride is India’s foremost aggregator service in the business of car rentals. JustRide provides all categories of Cars on Rent and Car for Self Drive. JustRide aims to become a one stop shop for rent-a-car services. With Justride, you can Bid adieu to costly maintenance and fuel cost. With JustRide you can rent cars for self-drive by the hour, day or week and have them transported right at your doorway.

As it does not own vehicles, it does not need deep pocket like heavily funded peers for running processes. JustRide is a platform which connects vendors in the self-drive car rental business straight to the customer.

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Adnety: Pop Under Ads Network Review

Want to know more about pop under advertisements and the best partners you can affiliate with? Well you have come looking to the right place. Pop under ads and full page ads are one of the smartest ways to monetize your website.

One just needs to know the right way to use them, all the while utilizing the website’s assets on which the ads are supposed to be placed. If you are talking about pop under ads then there is no better partner than Adnety. To learn more about pop under ads and Adnety go through the following article.

About Adnety pop under ads 


Pop under ads are easy to navigate as they pop up in a separate window and does not interrupt the user from the work he is doing on the browser. The window will only be visible to the user if he has closed his window.

Only in case of the codes redirecting the user to other website will the operations be interrupted. Usually the pop under ads are browsed in an underlying window and are amazing to integrate the revenue. Be it a blog or website, pop under ads are one of the finest options of online earning.

Support System

Adnety knows the pop under network in and out which is why they provide the best support to their clients. Adnety has the best team of professionals that take care of all your needs regarding the pop under ad campaign.

 The account manager is there to help you through the process of managing the dashboards. They have the best network to get you maximum profits and enhance your business even further.


Adnety provides a user friendly dashboard that is simple to use. The dashboard helps you in managing your campaigns and network properly so that you can keep track of the performance, hits and traffic on your pop under ad campaigns.

It is very simple to get approvals with the help of Adnety advertiser’s dashboard and does not take long. As soon as the advertiser gets the approval he can manage and control all the campaigns himself.

Publisher dashboard is also simple to work with and comes with a lot of advantages. It is very fast to upload which enhances your work efficiency.

Keeping track helps you in regulating the standards of your website and its content so that you can get more sponsors and more affiliate offers. Adnety helps you in creating a brand for yourself on the internet so that you can make yourself known to the advertising network and generate more leads.

Traffic Utilization

Adnety makes use of your website traffic and turn it into money making device. They have a well-structured system for making the ad campaigns perform better. There is no filter for selection of clients and Adnety  accepts clients and their websites from all over the globe. The only requirement is that the websites should be attractive and well designed to lure more traffic.

They should also be hosted on private domains because Adnety does not accept websites that are hosted free of cost. No generated traffic or bot of any kind is accepted and all traffic should come from real online users. Adnety has a no fraudulent activity policy and publishers found to be breaking the policies will be shunned from the network.



There are no long user authenticity checkups and the signup process is very simple as well as less time consuming. There is a short sign up form which is easy to fill followed by an email confirmation so that your account is ready and set.

The publisher and advertiser account are combined together for convenience and productivity purposes. Client can therefore use publisher as well as advertiser platforms within the earned amounts.


There are various other perks provided by Adnety. For the publishers who want to increase their income by referring Adnety pop under network as a advertising partner, referral link are provided for their benefit.

The revenue will be shared by Adnety. 10% from any deposit or earnings registered on the network will go to Adnety for as long as website is operational.
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Clickadu Advertising Network - Who We are

Clickadu.com is an online advertising network. We bring together people from the advertising world so that they can maximize their profits and increase their digital ROI. We associate with advertisers, online advertising agencies, and publishers creating a business network where everyone can use our services and flourish. Customer satisfaction is what we believe in.

Clickadu - The Premium Ad Network

Clickadu advertising network
We help you to flourish your business and if you flourish, we flourish too. We have experts from the advertising world who know exactly how to direct your website to make more money from advertisements. We help you in earning a stable income and take your website to the next levels of revenue.


We improvise your schemes using latest and good technologies. Be it regarding better performing ad campaigns, or higher revenues from site traffic, Clickadu.com believes in delivering the desired results and even beyond that.

We manage your website and check for all the developments that need to be done and the errors that need to be corrected. The visibility of the website is properly looked into. This eases a lot of your work and you don’t have to engage yourself into the website content management details. Apart from all this we provide stability to your website.

It is ensured that the traffic remains constant and never decreases. Technical advancements like SEO are made in order to attract more viewers. This way the client does not have to be concerned about the technical aspects of the website and the people with no computer knowledge can also run an online business.



Our undivided attention for our clients and their satisfaction is what makes us different from others. We at Clickadu have a great mix of industry’s foremost ad products, high-quality traffic, and expert account service. With these skills we ensure that our clients are served to the best standards and their business reaches the pinnacle of the advertisement world.

Our call for delivering the best is what makes our clients trust us with their websites. At Clickadu you experience the best serves and have a good chance of leading the industry. :)
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Ways to Trace Mobile Number Online with Exact Name, Location and Address

Mobile phones have become an integral part of people’s life and are much needed too. Surviving without a mobile phone is nearly impossible because we tent to lose connectivity from everything around us. Mobile is one of the most important gadgets used by people these day without which managing daily activities and technical advancements is not feasible. Around 90% of the people all over the world use mobiles and some of them are fully reliant on them to get through their daily life activities. Mobile phones and their advancement has brought a great revolution in the way people approach technology.

Advancements in the technology has proven to be advantageous to human beings but it also comes with certain disadvantages that cannot be ignored. Similarly using mobile phone also has its merits and demerits. Some people try to make illegal use of this technology and misuse them in several ways. Some of the most common problems faced by mobile phone users are Miss Calls, threatening calls, prank calls, from unknown number. We now have a solution to this problem. You can easily find out the name and location of unknown person who is troubling you with prank calls by tracing the mobile number. Mobile numbers can be easily traced along with name of the owner and location. This article tells you the best ways to trace mobile numbers.

Techniques to Trace Mobile Number with Name, Location and Operator

There are many services that can help you trace a mobile number with accurate owner name, location and operator. Some of these major services which you can use to trace a mobile number are tracing websites, mobile telephone numbering in India, Google Search engine and also a few free Mobile apps.

Method #1: Track through Websites
By using some websites you can get all the information regarding a mobile number with exact name, location. There are various online websites that allow you to trace a mobile number’s location. Following is the list of websites that you can use to trace any mobile number and get the details of its owner.

1. Mobile Tracker | India
Mobile Tracker | India is one of the most productive websites that tell you details of any mobile number along with its accurate location on the Google map with Latitude and Longitude coordinates. They never store the mobile number in their databases according to their policies and terms. To use this website you just need to follow the simple steps that are given below.

Step 1. Go the website.
Step 2. Locate the search box and enter the 10-digit mobile number without and 91.
Step 3. Once you have entered the 10-digit Mobile Number and Click on ‘Trace’.
Step 4. You will be provided with following information about the owner of the Mobile Number.
  • Phone Number
  • Location (State)
  • Provider
  • Location on Google Map
2. Internet4Mobile
Internet4Mobile is an automated tracking system and works similar to online telephone directory that comprises complete database of mobile number codes & STD codes of ‘India’, Mobile Locator, trace on mobile, etc. This is one of the most reliable websites that provides accurate information of the person using the mobile number. To trace the mobile number with state, city and service provider all you need to do is follow the following simple steps.

Step 1. Go to the website.
Step 2. There you will see a search box where you will have to add the 10-digit mobile number without adding 0 or 91 before the number.
Step 3. After entering the 10-digit mobile number, click on ‘Trace’.

Step 4. Internet4Mobile gives you the following information:
  • State
  • Reference City (if provided by this service).
  • Service Provider
  • Locate mobile number on Google Maps.
3. India Trace
India trace is another one of the free websites that allows you to trace any mobile Number in India and gives information like its Location, Service Provider etc. Apart from tracing the mobile number India Trace also assists you to trace vehicle number, landline number, etc. We have listed simple steps for you to use India Trace and trace the mobile number you want with the name of the owner.

Step 1: Go to the Website.
Step 2. Look for the search box where you can see +91 before the box.
Step 3. Enter the 10-digit Mobile Number and click on Trace.
Step 4: India Trace will provide you with the following information by clicking on trace.
  • Service Provider
  • Service Type
  • Location
  • Locates the Place on Map

Method #2: Mobile Telephone Numbering in India
  • Mobile Telephone Numbering in India is a method of retrieving the list of Mobile Numbers with their locations as well as the Telecom Operator.
  • You will have to process all the mobile codes in order to find the mobile number.
  • This technique is time consuming and difficult as you need to search and find the mobile number.
  • With the help of this technique, you can find the state of the mobile number’s owner.
Method #3: True Caller – Phone Number Search
Truecaller is the most widely used mobile app and is very popular globally. Truecaller is known for its accurate details of mobile numbers. All you have to do is type the mobile number and you can get all the details about that number. Truecaller uses a huge database and gathers information from various websites which is why the results provided by it are mostly accurate and more reliable than any other application. It comes with a built-in caller ID service that is combined with call-blocking feature. This application requires internet connectivity. To use True Caller for searching details about a number follow the simple steps given below.

  • Go to the Website – True Caller-Phone Number Search
  • Locate the Search field and enter a 10- digit Mobile number.
  • When you click on Search, it will ask you to ‘Sign in’ by using Twitter or Facebook.
  • Once you have signed into your account, you will be redirected to a page where you will get the owner’s name of the Mobile number and the location.

Method #4: Using Mobile App [Free]
Since mobile has become an entity in our life without which we cannot manage our daily chores, we need to learn more about mobile security. There are now ways to trace out details of any mobile number by installing mobile apps that provide you with details of the search. Following are few such apps that can help you trace any mobile number.

True Caller
True Caller is an amazing app that can be used by the users of Android, Symbian, Blackberry or iOS Mobile Devices so as to trace the name and location of the any mobile number across the globe. True caller mobile app has many features like caller ID service that can attain call-blocking functionality and you can also maintain a phone book up-to-date with images and birthdays on the social networking sites.

How to Trace Mobile Number Information on your Mobile Device?

  • Truecaller is a highly productive application and all Android, Blackberry, Symbian or iOS mobile devices users will have to install this application first.
  • Visit the Website of True caller and download the mobile app.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the application.
  • Name or Number and Place are the two fields that are seen on the screen. Enter the desired mobile number and click on search to get all information about this number.
  • After clicking on search button you will get the information of the mobile number like the name, location and service provider.
  • These steps are for mobile users who are using True caller. For installing this app on Pc the steps are given below.

How to Install True Caller on your PC?

  • True caller is a widely used android app that can also be installed on a PC by using certain method and you can utilise this app on your PC.
  • By installing “Bluestacks” android emulator on your PC, you can use it to run android apps on your PC and it can be used to install true caller.
  • Bluestacks is free software and can be easily downloaded.
  • Once you have installed Bluestacks on your PC, navigate to App Search.

  • In the App Search bar, type True Caller.
  • Once you get True Caller on your screen, click on Install button to install the Truecaller application.

  • Once the installation is done, start the application and enter a mobile number in the input field.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • The search results of the mobile number will show fields such as name and location.

How Truecaller App works?

  • Truecaller is an amazing application that gives you the authentic information of mobile numbers in most of the cases.
  • This app has a large database that collects the details of mobile numbers from various sources like Social networking sites, Mobile apps, SMS sites, etc.
  • All the above mentioned sites are a part of Truecaller database, and all the numbers searched on them are stored in Truecaller database with details like name and location.
  • When you type a mobile number in order to trace its details, then the app searches the database and displays the result on the screen.
How To Unlist / Remove your Mobile Number Details from Truecaller Database? In order to remove your number details from the truecaller database, follow the following steps given below:
  • Navigate to Truecaller – Unlist Phone Number.
  • Enter your mobile number with the country code in the beginning of your 10-digit mobile number.

  • Enter the given captcha correctly below the mobile number field.
  • Click on Unlist.
  • Your mobile number will now be unlisted from the Truecaller Database.
Some other useful sites are
If you found this article on “How to Trace Mobile Number Online” productive then do let us know in your comments. This article consists of all the information that could be assimilated from Internet. If you know any other methods to trace mobile numbers please share them via comments.
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