Why Are People So Obsessed With Utopia P2P Ecosystem?


Recently, I have been sauntering through the town and noticed a strange graffiti on the pavement. As for the super curious person, I decided that it was my duty to find out what it was about.

Utopia P2P Ecosystem

I asked a couple of friends who said that they also saw such things in their cities but didn’t know what they meant. That only enhanced the intrigue. 

So I googled it and found out the information and was pretty astonished at what a cool thing it is. I have been using it for a month, and now, I’m sharing my knowledge of it.

What the heck is Utopia P2P Ecosystem?

Utopia P2P Ecosystem is a decentralized peer-to-peer network created with one noble aim - to give people control over their own data, to provide privacy on the Net and complete security.

Why ecosystem? Utopia offers a single software that includes all tools and services which people need every day: an instant messenger, email, file transfer, e-wallet (with own cryptocurrency Crypton), and a browser to surf the web-resources inside the ecosystem.

As a person, who had had to use services like GuerillaMail to send confidential info, Utopia seemed a real the one and only needed service - it’s so convenient and saves tons of time.

But what is really impressive is not handiness but a level of security and anonymity it promises.

First, it is a decentralized P2P ecosystem - new wave (or not so new, if to give thought to the matter) in security concept. That means that all the data sent and received go directly between peers-users. Such a concept sidesteps the idea of the presence of central servers where the data is usually stored. That means that each user’s data is secure as no third parties have access to it.

Second, all the messages, emails, and traffic are encrypted. Here are used the advanced encryption techniques - 256 bit AES and Elliptic Curve Cryptography. With it, I’m sure that all my information that I shared won’t be intercepted and viewed by some other people.

Third, even the registration on it is anonymous. I used fake name and surname, and that’s all, the account was created, personal key for local data storage was generated. I stay calm, my stuff stays secure. That’s all that I have been looking for.

It is worth mentioning that the ecosystem is available for everybody for free, which is a huge plus for me.

So why are people so obsessed with Utopia?

I can understand those people who said that Utopia becomes their shelter. It is a really convenient platform which is saving you the trouble of having to use a dozen different services and some turning on some security software. And what is vital, it offers a nice security level.

Moreover, its interface is so simple, even grandmas will catch on how to use it.

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