10 Ways Technology Has Rewired Our Brains

Technology has a massive impact on our daily lives, but there are rarely times when we stop by and think how it has actually rewired our brains and made us change some of our habits or even lifestyle completely.

How Digital Technology Affects Our Brains

how does technology affect our brain

1) The way we listen to music and the impact it made to our attention span. Starting from the phonograph, our mind is kind of immuned to listening to music for a span of about 4 mins and any longer length of a single music track tends to irritate us. 

2) Gaming has had another huge impact due to the advent of technology. People have almost given up physical sports in the name of online gaming. Today’s generation are hooked onto their computers or devices for playing games, be it some consoles or online sports sites like BettingTop 10 which has eased gambling, it has changed us completely.

3) Television is another technology that has completely changed the way we used to think. While scientists are still trying to figure out the effect of television on our brain, it is obvious that the ready made content of the makes us think less so much so that in the initial stages, people even started dreaming in black and white. 

4) Mobile phones are one of those devices which has made our lives easier to deal with but it is also a technology that has created a lot of disturbances in our life and has wired our brain such that we even deprive ourselves of sleep to attend to texts and phone calls.

5) Another massive change that technology has caused in our lives is the way we read. Books are basically taking a backseat and various reading devices are taking its place to aid us in reading. This has also allowed us to skip multiple pages at once to hop to the end.

How the Internet is Changing Your Brain

6) The way we judge our self-esteem has also has taken a different course. We estimate ourselves now depends on our popularity in the social media sites and is hugely dependent on how a bunch of strangers react to what we post through which they judge what kind of person we are.

7) Technology has diminished the way we perceive reality. The contents shown on TV or movies and that are present in the games often seep into our idea of reality and we fail to differentiate the two which results in an increased crime rate or even drug intake in the real world.

8) Technology has hugely disrupted the process of interpersonal communication by bringing the elements of texting which can cause serious miscommunication among people. While technology has fastened the pace of communication it has also given us things like the Walkman, which can allow us to cut people off completely.

9) While technology has made sure that we can easily capture the best parts of our life with the help of digital camera, it has also changed the way we visit places like tourist places or concerts as we no longer enjoy the view of these places but are always busy in capturing them via our camera so that we can share the same with our near and dear ones on various social media sites.

10) Last but not the least comes in the video games where we are often asked to play the part of the villains that makes us do bad things virtually and we feel guilty in reality. It trains our brain such that we can’t differentiate these game characters from real life persons that we are. 😊

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