7 Smartphone Photography Tips and Tricks You Should Try

If you use Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or any other place where images are shared then there are good chances that you are trying hard to get the perfect shots and be a Pro photographer. We cannot have a DSLR with us all the time but one thing that we do have all the time is the sweet little smartphone.

The Smartphone photography quality depends directly depends on two factors and that are, first, the quality of the camera and second, how well you make use of that camera.

Here is a list of 7 photography tips and tricks that you can try next time you decide to take photographs with your smartphone.

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1. Appear multiple times in one Panorama
Most of the apps that you will use to capture the view will have the panorama feature certainly. To put an object multiple times in one panorama you need to keep moving the camera while the person moves from behind and appears again in the view. Checkout the animation below to learn more about the process.

2. Parallel Panorama while Driving
You can try something new from normal style of taking panorama pictures. Place your camera on a moving vehicle and create a parallel panorama.

3. Use the Binoculars with Camera
You can use any regular binocular to get a closer look of the view optically, rather than digitally.

4. Super Close Up with Water
If you don’t have a macro lens with you at the time then you can certainly use a droplet of water to take really close shots with good quality. Just place a droplet of water right on the lens. The curved surface of water acts as a macro lens and fulfils the purpose.

5. Car Shade as a powerful reflector
You can bring in use a car’s sun shade when taking pictures with a smartphone. Just use it as a reflector to bring a hard light effect to your pictures.

6. Use the Headphone as Shutter Release
There are apps available that let you use your headphone as a selfie shutter release. You can keep the phone at a distance and use your headphone to take the picture.

7. Go Underwater with Cup Case
Use a transparent cup to provide water resistance to your smartphone camera while it takes a look just below the surface of water.

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