Ping My Link: Get 1000+ Free Backlinks for your Website

Any serious webmasters would tell you how import backlinks are to any website that is looking to get traffic from search engines. It’s nearly impossible to rank in Google or any other search engine without having enough backlinks as they tell how high quality your website is.

Here we will be discussing this website/tool called PingMyLink which is essentially a web pinging service that can help you make 2500+ backlinks for your article. Some of the pings that it makes might failed given the conditions but otherwise this is a great service that can help you index your article in Google quickly.

To use PingMyLink backlink building service just visit their website and put the desired URL you want to build backlinks for. It can be the homepage link to your website or to another page on the website.

This is it, once that you hit the go button PingMyLink will take it from there on and build plenty of backlinks for you in no time.

Building backlinks with such service might not help you rank but they can definitely help you get indexed quicker than by doing nothing.

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