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The Audio Video Interleave is also known as AVI files is one of the multimedia container format and it can be processed with MPlayer, KMPlayer, and VLC Player.

The AVI system was developed in 1992 by Microsoft, is based on the window system. But there has been an issue with the format as when it is used on IOS devices seems to have the incompatibility with their system.

AVI to MOV converter

To make the format of AVI feasible in IOS platforms too it has been found that the same should be converted to MOV for running the video formats. But there is a situation as the same cannot be converted directly into MOV and do require some assistance for the same as well.

The QuickTime Multimedia File Format (MOV) developed by Apple for audio and video formats. MOV is said to be commonly used in Mac Media Player or in other various devices of Apple like iTunes, iPads, iPhones, etc.

Converting an AVI file to MOV do require you to seek the help of a video converter to assist you in the journey. The Wondershare video converter is one of the best ones to help you out. Let's know various aspects related to the Wondershare video converter and how you can convert your files into a feasible format.

Convert your AVI file to MOV

How to convert AVI to MOV with Wondershare Video Converter?

Converting the AVI files to MOV can be done quite easily with the help of Wondershare video converter. You just need to go through the below instructions to have a quick access to the steps for the conversions on your Mac:

  • Landed on Wondershare video converter platform you need to open the respective section of the conversion of AVI to MOV. The first step is to drop your AVI files or add them through the browsing to the video converter.
  • The Wondershare video converter does allow the respective editing of the file before you set up the conversion as they have a built-in editor to adjust the saturation, contrast, and brightness.
AVI to MOV Converter

  • The converter does have settings for the customization as per the device that you are using to watch. Like once you have converted the file to MOV, you can also look for setting up the option for iPhone, iPad, Mac, DVD etc. It gives the user an independence to have a formatted file which can be accessed directly from their device as per your playback preferences.
The users can also convert the respective AVI formats to MOV files without the Mac too, but it definitely lacks the features like fast conversions and the video files do not offer any metadata retrieval too.

Online conversions are also supported by Wondershare video converter and you can select and convert your favorite video file to any format you desire. The Wondershare video converter can help you in giving a fine experience with the kind of videos you want as per your preferences.

The Wondershare video converter supports the conversion from AVI to MOV and from MOV to AVI and other 1000+ formats. The speed which the Wondershare operates is much faster as compared to the other converters. The respective video converter can help you out with the various services like helping them with trimming, adding subtitles & effects, cropping and rotating features.

The best part of the video converter is that it is supported by most of the operating systems like various Windows versions, Linux and Mac and is ready to give the users its services independent of the system they are using for.

The video converter can help in recording and downloading video from more than 10000+ websites. The Wondershare helps in providing a versatile toolbox to its users that are said to include various features like GIF maker, VR converter, screen recorder and video metadata. In all, it is a one roof solution for everything related to videos and having their quick access to the users.

The trial package of Wondershare video converter is free of cost and you can look for their accessibility in just a few seconds after having access to the respective video converter platform.

They have been one of the leaders in the video conversion and said to attract thousands of visitors on a daily basis to avail the services of the video converter. The AVI to MOV video converter as a lot of people find it a constraint to watch their favorite video on their Mac. You also need convert MPEG to MP4.

The platform does look for serving their best to the clients who are facing the issues with the conversions. If in any case, you couldn’t able to convert your file into the respective one, feel free to write us about the issue and we would be more than happy to assist you over for the same.

Looking forward to hearing the feedback from the users so that we can make the interface much better for everyone to use.

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