Why We Love Gmail Plugins (And You Should, Too!)

Whether you're an academic, a business owner, a content marketing professional or you simply use Gmail to keep in contact with you friends and family, Gmail has become far more than simply slapping a heap of text down into the draft box and then pinging it away to someone.

Love Gmail Plugins

Regardless of what your purpose for using Gmail is, we are certain that you will love these plugins which is why we have detailed some information about our favorites here so that you can find and use them too!

Gmail Plugins Make Signatures Sexier

Have you ever noticed that there are some people who ping you an email and their Gmail signature is just so unique and beautiful? Their personalised signatures make your size 10, bland Arial bold font look even more boring than it is as you glare angrily at their use of of pastel colors, imagery and quirky fonts in their signatures.

Gmail Plugins Make Signatures Sexier

Precisely how are they doing it? Well now the secrets out - it's with a Gmail plugin! You can download the plugin named Wise Stamp in order to create your own unique and memorable signatures that will help you to stick in the minds of your recipients. If you are a Blogger or you run a business, this is so critical for you!

They Make Your Job and Your Life Easier

Isn't it frustrating when you send an email and you don't receive a response for a long time. You are sure that the person isn't ignoring you, and that your little massage has just drowned in a sea of inbox messages  that they have received, however you need an answer to you message quickly. Heck, you even put a little red exclamation mark next to your email to express urgency. Who on earth can ignore the little red exclamation mark?

Instead of having to constantly rewrite chase emails or keep a spreadsheet that tracks what you need to chase and when, Follow-up.cc is a lifesaving Gmail plugin. It allows you to automate follow ups, set reminders and more!

These handy automation tools can improve your business productivity (by freeing up time to concentrate on other tasks because let's face it - nobody has time to spend the entirety of their day gawping at their email inbox, right?). Essentially, Gmail plugins are saving our jobs!

Gmail Plugins Act Like Virtual Detectives

Perhaps you're a business or a salesperson who is distribution emails to potential customers and wondering why you haven't received any traction on your deals and offers, or alternatively perhaps you are a Blogger who has reached out to a brand and you need to know why they haven't snapped your hand off at your offer to collaborate, expressed in a delightfully witty manner.

Yesware is a handy little companion for helping you to see where in the big wide world tour email has gotten to. All you need to do is activate the option for tracking your email at the time of sending it. Then, once you have fired it off, you will be able to see when it was opened, if attachments have been viewed, whether it was moved straight to the junk folder, etc.

This is a useful tool in determining how and when you should follow up. I.e if you can see that someone opened your email and it's attachments relatively quickly after you sent it, there has to be a small chance they are interested in what you have to offer otherwise the message content would not have inspired them to find out more with the attachment.

As such you can go forth and follow up (using a Gmail plugin of course!) And not feel bad about disturbing the  recipient in the process (since they must be somewhat interested)

They Enable Video Messaging

If you are trying to negotiate a partnership or deal or sell a product or a service to an email recipient then sure, you can absolutely write persuasive text that encourages them to consider your product.

Heck, you may be that good of a writer that your email has them tripping over their feet as they sprint from their chairs, out of their office and off to the local store to make a purchase.

However, a persuasive written email is never going to be as good as an actual visual sales presentation or face to face interaction is it? That's why Gmail Plugins are great because they enable you to record a video message for the recipient - enabling you to use your voice, body language and visuals to discuss your topic.

Click here if you want to learn more about video messaging and how it can improve communication with your potential clients.

This also adds a nice personal element to your pitch and people are more likely to trust you if you show your human side, rather than simply contacting them with sales copy.

Follow These Tips

These days there are so many different options available for automating, personalising and customising your Gmail messages. Keep these tips in mind when your business is looking into Gmail plugins.

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