Adnety: Pop Under Ads Network Review

Want to know more about pop under advertisements and the best partners you can affiliate with? Well you have come looking to the right place. Pop under ads and full page ads are one of the smartest ways to monetize your website.

One just needs to know the right way to use them, all the while utilizing the website’s assets on which the ads are supposed to be placed. If you are talking about pop under ads then there is no better partner than Adnety. To learn more about pop under ads and Adnety go through the following article.

About Adnety pop under ads 


Pop under ads are easy to navigate as they pop up in a separate window and does not interrupt the user from the work he is doing on the browser. The window will only be visible to the user if he has closed his window.

Only in case of the codes redirecting the user to other website will the operations be interrupted. Usually the pop under ads are browsed in an underlying window and are amazing to integrate the revenue. Be it a blog or website, pop under ads are one of the finest options of online earning.

Support System

Adnety knows the pop under network in and out which is why they provide the best support to their clients. Adnety has the best team of professionals that take care of all your needs regarding the pop under ad campaign.

 The account manager is there to help you through the process of managing the dashboards. They have the best network to get you maximum profits and enhance your business even further.


Adnety provides a user friendly dashboard that is simple to use. The dashboard helps you in managing your campaigns and network properly so that you can keep track of the performance, hits and traffic on your pop under ad campaigns.

It is very simple to get approvals with the help of Adnety advertiser’s dashboard and does not take long. As soon as the advertiser gets the approval he can manage and control all the campaigns himself.

Publisher dashboard is also simple to work with and comes with a lot of advantages. It is very fast to upload which enhances your work efficiency.

Keeping track helps you in regulating the standards of your website and its content so that you can get more sponsors and more affiliate offers. Adnety helps you in creating a brand for yourself on the internet so that you can make yourself known to the advertising network and generate more leads.

Traffic Utilization

Adnety makes use of your website traffic and turn it into money making device. They have a well-structured system for making the ad campaigns perform better. There is no filter for selection of clients and Adnety  accepts clients and their websites from all over the globe. The only requirement is that the websites should be attractive and well designed to lure more traffic.

They should also be hosted on private domains because Adnety does not accept websites that are hosted free of cost. No generated traffic or bot of any kind is accepted and all traffic should come from real online users. Adnety has a no fraudulent activity policy and publishers found to be breaking the policies will be shunned from the network.



There are no long user authenticity checkups and the signup process is very simple as well as less time consuming. There is a short sign up form which is easy to fill followed by an email confirmation so that your account is ready and set.

The publisher and advertiser account are combined together for convenience and productivity purposes. Client can therefore use publisher as well as advertiser platforms within the earned amounts.


There are various other perks provided by Adnety. For the publishers who want to increase their income by referring Adnety pop under network as a advertising partner, referral link are provided for their benefit.

The revenue will be shared by Adnety. 10% from any deposit or earnings registered on the network will go to Adnety for as long as website is operational.

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