How to make free Prank Calls to any number

Have you ever wanted to make a prank call to your friends to just simply piss them off? Well, I can understand, it is fun. But please, don’t do that again and again and the other person may get offended.
So, if you wish to really make a few prank calls just for fun’s sake then let’s move ahead and learn how to make free prank calls to anyone’s phone number.

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We’ll be discussing about a software and how to use it to make fake calls to your friends and family. But first, I would like to say that again that, please don’t make fake calls with wrong intentions as it is possible to get tracked and this might actually lead you to a lot of trouble.

Steps to Make Prank Call to Anyone’s Phone Number

  1. Firstly, you need to download the VOXOX application, you can download it from its official website. You can use this application on all the major operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS and OS X. Only download the version of application that is designed to work on your OS, as it won’t work otherwise.
  2. Now install the VOXOX application, you will be guided by simple instructions. Don’t forget to add +91 in the caller ID section or otherwise you won’t be able to make the calls.
  3. You need to either buy a premium account or start with the free trial that credits $1 in your account to be used to make calls. Make sure that you use your real details while creating your account.
  4. Fill up the caller ID details and you’ll be then able to start making the calls.
  5. If you use the correct country code, +91 for India, then you will able to make fake calls to any mobile number you want to.

So, this was how you make prank calls to any mobile phone number easily. This simple to use VOXOX software is very useful when it comes to pranking on your friends.

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